Small Business Marketing Can Benefit from Networking on LinkedIn

September 18th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

Today there are many online opportunities for small business marketing. One social media website that is ideal for small companies is LinkedIn. A business-oriented site, LinkedIn allows small businesses a chance to network and increase their exposure.

To best use LinkedIn, small businesses should first set up a company page. This will give them a chance to brand their page with a company logo and to consolidate information about their services and employees in one spot.

Once they have a company page, there are many other ways to leverage LinkedIn for small businesses and increase their exposure to other companies and potential clients.

  • Join Groups
    One way to increase visibility is to join groups. LinkedIn has groups related to nearly any industry, profession or special interest. There are many groups that pertain to various small businesses. After joining a group, businesses can start participating in the discussions. Asking questions, answering other people’s questions and contributing to discussions will bring attention to their profile.The goal here is to contribute value and demonstrate knowledge. As users and companies become known in groups, they will attract leads and opportunities. Companies can also start their own group, which will allow them to shape discussions and position themselves as experts.
  • Use Apps
    LinkedIn also has a number of apps available. The Events app shows what professional events related to a particular industry or group are happening. This is a good way to stay informed about conferences and trade shows as well as meet others in the same business and connect with customers. There’s also the Reading List by Amazon app, where users can recommend books, and see what others in their network are reading. And for companies with a business blog, there’s a WordPress app that allows them to connect their LinkedIn profile with their blog, so their network can see the latest news about their business.
  • Be Professional
    Unlike other social media marketing, LinkedIn is strictly about business. Any status updates posted must be of high quality and professional. It’s best not to post a lot, so your profile or company page doesn’t become flagged as spam.

When creating a company page, be sure to optimize it for SEO. It is also important to keep keywords in mind when posting status updates.

It’s usually not a good idea to connect a LinkedIn profile with a Twitter or Facebook profile. Twitter and Facebook accounts are usually updated frequently, often several times a day. But on LinkedIn, constant updates will be viewed as spam.

LinkedIn is an easy way to supplement small business marketing. Beyond managing a profile and company page, be sure to participate in discussions and take advantage of LinkedIn’s apps to bring attention to your small business.

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