Small Business Marketing is Easy with LinkedIn

September 18th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

If you are looking for a way to increase your small business marketing without spending a fortune, LinkedIn is an easy and cost-effective way to do it. LinkedIn is a social networking site devoted to business networking, and users are encouraged to only post business-related information. The site is self-regulated by its members, who keep the tone professional.

It’s easy to use LinkedIn for small business. Any business may create a company page on LinkedIn, which will give them exposure both within their network and to other LinkedIn members. To create a company page, members must already have a LinkedIn profile that is at least 50% complete. They must also have at least a couple of recommendations or endorsements from other LinkedIn members. Finally, their E-mail ID must be corporate, and must match the company’s website.

Advantages to Company Pages

While there is some extra work involved in maintaining a company page in addition to your personal profile, there are some advantages, as well. These include:

  • A company page can be branded with the company logo. This makes it easier for those that find your company profile on LinkedIn to associate it with your brand.
  • LinkedIn users with the same E-mail ID will show up as part of the company. This allows you to easily reference your employees on your company page by having them use their company E-mail in their user profiles.
  • LinkedIn users who list the company name in their profile will also show up as being part of the company. This is true for present or past employees.

How to Manage Company Pages

Company pages in LinkedIn are managed differently than fan pages in Facebook. If you decide to create a company page for your small business, here are some social media marketing points to pay attention to:

  • Your status updates should be high quality, but should not be frequent. Your status should only be updated when there is important news to report. Think of status updates as short press releases.
  • Your company page and status updates should be optimized for SEO. Keep your keywords in mind as you fill in your company information.
  • Be careful if you decide to link your LinkedIn profile with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Unlike other social media marketing, posting too frequently on LinkedIn can get your page or profile marked as spam.

In addition, there are other activities companies can participate in to become known on LinkedIn. They can join groups and participate in discussions, as well as ask and answer questions. This will help increase their visibility and position them as an expert. They can also use the site’s apps, such as rating Amazon books, to provide value to other small businesses.

Businesses using LinkedIn will get the best results with participation, providing value and showing expertise. It is an ideal way to connect with other small businesses, as well as find new customers. Using LinkedIn is an important step in your small business marketing strategy.

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