Social Media Tip: How to Maintain Privacy on LinkedIn

August 14th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

In today’s professional environment, it’s important to follow social media tips and stay active in social networks to advance professionally. LinkedIn is an important tool to use to be visible in your career.

LinkedIn is the primary site for professional networking. It’s easy to use – simply start by creating a profile, being sure to keep SEO in mind. This information will show up in search results both in LinkedIn and in the major search engines. Also keep your contacts informed with status updates, and establish a presence in groups by asking or answering questions. Many people even use LinkedIn successfully to job hunt by announcing when they are looking for a job.

However, since LinkedIn is a professional rather than a social network, it has some limitations. You cannot hide parts of your profile from certain individuals. Either your whole profile is visible to your connections, or it isn’t. If you want to hide your entire profile from everyone, you can do so by going into your Settings and marking your profile as not visible.

However, most people will prefer to stay visible on LinkedIn. For those that would still like to have some professional visibility but are concerned about privacy on social media, here are some LinkedIn tips to help protect yourself while keeping your LinkedIn profile public.

  • If you are looking for a job, you may want to announce it on LinkedIn. But you might not want your current employer to know you are looking. The easiest way to handle this is to simply disconnect from your current employer before you make your announcement. When you disconnect from a contact, there is no notification. You just won’t show up in their address book anymore.
  • If you are building connections with competitors for a future job move but don’t want your employer to know, you can set your profile so that only you can see your connections. Keep in mind, however, that if you have shared connections with someone else, they will be able to see those no matter what the setting.
  • When you change employment, you may not want others to know until you are settled in at your new job. Wait to change your employment status until you are ready to make the information public.
  • To keep your status updates from being shown to a particular person, simply disconnect from them. Only contacts get status updates from you.

Though LinkedIn is designed to be a public site, you can maintain your privacy by using these social media tips. A few simple changes to your settings will allow you to effectively use the site for professional networking.

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