Why We Love Social Media & You Should, Too!

Why We Love Social Media & You Should, Too!

August 19th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment
  • Facebook has 1.3 billion monthly active users
  • Twitter has 260 million monthly users
  • YouTube has another 1.3 billion monthly unique users
  • LinkedIn has 200 million unique monthly users

And so on. In an approximation, there are 4.2 billion users across the top social media networks, ready to hear you, your brand story and may be take some action. And hence, the reason why and how social media has become such an inevitable part of your brand building and marketing mix. Apart from this, things that have added to the affection for social media include:

1. Convenience
Accept it or not, but this medium is too convenient. Where else would you find the ease of sitting in your bedroom and reaching out to your prospect in no time? And to further comfort your clients, you can reach out to them when they are free and make most of your social media interaction.

2. Ease of Reach
In traditional marketing, what happens if you need to reach out to people beyond your city, state or country? You need to move out too. You need to show your presence unlike social media where in you can reach out to global audience with a click of a button. Hence, a great way to get discovered by new audiences every time.

3. Free Tools
With its growing popularity and unlimited reach, what makes it more desired is its mounting admiration amongst developers – lucrative tools enabling us to easily publish our content and managing our social media handles from a single point. There are tools which help you add hashtags too, so as to make your content visible and go viral amongst wider audience.

4. Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Social Media is the technology that connects people to share their voice, be it their view/opinion, some content or simply chat. But as a trend, more than half of the users generally share their likes, preferred products and services, which is nothing but attracting new customers through friends sharing their good experiences with friends.

5. Emergence of Mobile Devices
Advent of mobile devices has augmented social media popularity. Twitter has become the latest digital water cooler, everyone from a celebrity to a thought leader shares his view from anything to everything right here. Similarly LinkedIn, Instagram, Piniterest or Facebook, they have become more of a log book, where in you share your whereabouts, opinions and can comment/ connect with others’ too, from anywhere.

And, with so much of competition and challenge of making your brand heard and noticed, a perfect mix of social media can definitely help you reach your clients and share the voice. And not to miss, Social media handles list up high on search engine rankings too.

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