How Can Non-Profits websites Engage with Facebook Users?

June 9th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Businesses in the social media thrive in sales because of the extent of the connection it offers. The question is, will it help boost support for non-profit websites?

Selling is easy. If you have what a person wants, he will probably buy it from you. Will people spend money for a simple ‘thank you?’ I’m talking about donations. Does Facebook have the potential to enhance support for non-profit organization? Yes.

Here is how:

Create a Fan Page with:

  • A bold statement

Having a vision that inspires people to be a part of something bigger than life is a sure way to engage an audience. Provide the vision/mission of the organization. You can also include strategies with which you seek to reach your goals.

  • Photos

Pictures do paint a thousand words. A single well executed photo can create a connection. Also, it gives the potential donors a sense of trust that you do what you profess you do.

  • Stories

Stories have this certain effect. It moves people. Sometimes it can even spark a revolution. A well-written piece of work has inspired people to achieve greatness. Imagine what a true story of ups and downs can do?

  • Updates

Since all  non-profit organizations stand on  trust, you might as well help your audience believe in you more. A simple recap of what has happened during the week or the day establishes you as an active group. A list of activities and updates on them is a smart thing to do, too.

Plus, every celebrated milestone ensures donors that your vision is something that will be met.

  • How Can Non-Profits websites Engage with Facebook Users?

1. Discussions

What better way to engage Facebook users than a meaningful discussion?

  • Interesting – something that captures the imagination of your audience and at the same time something that is close to their hearts, to their beliefs.
  • Relevant – remember that no matter how interesting a topic is, it still should be within the bounds of your objectives. Stay as objective as you can be.
  • A cause the organization believes in.

Thanking supporters – have them feel appreciated and valued. A simple post of recognition and gratitude goes a long way.

2. A Campaign

Engage your organizational staff and donors in a campaign to like, comment, and share contents posted on your page. In short, create a buzz about your company.

 3. Recruit Followers

Your discussions and campaigns should generate enough networks for you to spread     your organization’s reach. Encourage followers to share and suggest to people to like your page. They can add it in their favorites panel, and it will certainly increase the   amount of your page’s exposure.

4. FB APPS and Tabs

Take advantage of what Facebook has provided. You can add a store, the donations button and other boxes. Some of these features might take some time before you can have it up and running, but it is worth the wait.

You will be astounded by the number of generous people ready to give a hand. Get connected. Get engaged.

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