How to Increase Twitter Engagement

May 19th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

If you were to describe the word metamorphosis in 140 characters, what would you say?

Welcome to Twitter World. The internet SMS that has grown to be one of the most visited sites since it was launched in March 2006. The world has adored its limit in character usage and its ability to connect you to people from the four corners of the earth. It has grown popular among teens and adults alike, in addition to various kinds of businesses and even government offices.

Twitter, what power!

The virtual world has become more tangible. People who have operated through it has seen and felt its result-producing capabilities. It has been expanding like the universe, but faster. Way faster.

For the reason that it has had more than 500 million subscribers, Twitter, which hosts anything from angry rants to Zen teachings, transformed from a simple social network site into a promotion powerhouse.

What do businesses gain from a Twitter account?

  • Followers

The number of followers is the main key in twitter. Your post is readily available to your followers. They see it the moment you press the button. The best thing about it is, it is their choice. Your followers want to hear you out. They will listen to you.

  • Peers

Among your followers, you will be able to form an inner circle of some sort. You gain mutual respect due to mutual interests. They will be your peer group, your holy grail. They can make you or break you. Through them, your job will be easier. Promotion is faster for the reason that your presence is already established. Obviously, you must choose the right peer group.

  • Insight

Since you are fed with gigabytes of information every hour, no other data pool is a better source than social media. Twitter may be limited to 140 characters each post, but people never stop talking, or tweeting, in this case.

Using the right word searches, you have access to what people think about your product or company. It is like sitting in a popular local coffee shop and listening to what the locals say about something. Then, you can make adjustments that suit them better. With Twitter, the effect is magnified, due to the fact that you have access  to an unofficial global poll.

Now that we know the perks companies get from having a Twitter account, let us cut to the chase. Twitter is not just a fun-filled-share-your-thoughts platform today. It is more like a battlefield. The only way to reign is to keep followers following you. Here are some tips on how to increase your Twitter account’s popularity and efficiency:

  • Personality

You need to build a dynamic personality for your Twitter account. It must be engaging and enlightening. People will follow accounts that meet their needs, basically that is, to be informed and to be entertained.

  • Ability

Followers have the option to unfollow you. Your Twitter account must possess the ability to keep them wanting more. Have them at the edge of their seats, their eyes set at your next tweet.

  • Connectivity

Make sure that your Twitter account binds you and your followers. Strong binds lead to unlimited possibilities. Lead those possibilities to progress your business. As long as you give them what your audience wants, they will give you what you need.

Just a moment, Shack just followed me on Twitter.

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