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Mistakes in Your Ecommerce Business: Part 1 of 2

August 17th, 2015 By Surbhi Bharati | comment

Ecommerce has allowed companies to ascertain a market presence, or to reinforce an existing market position, by providing a less expensive and additional economical distribution chain for your product or services.

Ecommerce has been around for a moment currently, and with time a lot of and a lot of players are entering this market, and lot of them are failing at it despite of their experience and expertise. There are practices and rules to follow, and many other things that go into creating a successful online business. Lots of small businesses fail to consider their eCommerce operations from a customer point of view, and as a result, they see very little to no on-line sales.

Today, we will tell you about some common Ecommerce Business mistakes:

Mistake #1: Not optimized for mobile:
Your web site ought to attract new customers and have a user-friendly interface. In today’s mobile world, it sounds obvious that you should have a fully optimized Website. This is important because consumers often research on their mobile phones and then are more likely to purchase on a desktop. Smartphones have impacted retail and e-commerce, with some statistics that may mean an unpleasant shock for businesses that haven’t been keeping up with the quick pace of mobile. Customers using smartphones are more likely to visit a retailer website, and more than half are more likely to make a purchase.

Mistake #2: Lack of detailed product information:
When people buy from a shopping mall, they can take the products in their hand and read the information on the packaging. However, when people buy from an ecommerce website, they can’t experience the product. Therefore, you should give as much product information as possible.

Your eCommerce web site ought to offer customers a reason to buy from you, your webstore. Therefore, take into thought what causes you to be higher than the competition: does one have a stronger selection? Or glorious client service? Or secure low prices? Or A loyalty or reward program? Or does one have of these things. Pinpoint what makes your eCommerce store distinctive, and highlight that worth with compelling headlines and telegraphic copy throughout your web site.

Mistake #3: A long & confusing checkout process:
One of the most damaging mistakes an ecommerce site can make is at the checkout process. You have to make it as easy as possible for your customers to hand over their information and complete their order. You give more opportunities to your customers to leave your website without completing their purchase by including more steps between them placing an item in their cart and actually paying for it.

You should use a payment service that lets customers pay with each major card, and preferably also with an electronic check. Adding more checkout option increases the choices your customers have, making them more likely to purchase from you.

Keep an eye out for the next part.

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