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Small Business website SEO: What is Over-Optimization?

Small business SEO is a bit like being a chef. Anyone who’s done a lot of baking before knows that it’s both too little and too much of an ingredient or method that can ruin a cake. You don’t want to over-whip cream or else it turns into butter. Similarly, the world of small business website search engine optimization needs an appropriate level of work – not too much and not too little. How can this be? Isn’t all SEO good SEO? Well, not really – not if you’re overdoing it. Let’s explore further. Can a Site be Too Optimized?

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5 Things That Don’t Work for Small Business Local SEO

Building a strong internet presence with smart local SEO strategies is essential in today’s market. Buyers do global searches but buy locally. Learning and using local search optimization practices will drive customers to your door. Search engines don’t just present and recognize what individual businesses publish authoritatively, but they also aggregate user-generated comments and connect them to individual businesses. Reviews and ratings are gathered through Google and shown against any brand searches. Even if a business website doesn’t get top ranking, the brand name they carry may rank high, and that will drive in local business. Wow, that’s a lot

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Small Business Marketing: How to Get Your Business Recognized Online

When you start your own business, small business marketing is vital to your success. In order to attract people as customers, they have to know about you. And today, that means online marketing in addition to the traditional methods. If you’re new to online marketing, it may seem like a monumental task. But with a few easy steps, you can have your online business going quickly. Here’s how to get started: Set up your website, and then use SEO to optimize the pages of your website. This will ensure that your site is found and ranked by search engines. With

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