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Why Small Businesses Should Build their Online Presence? [Infographic]

The advancement in technology and the advent of internet services has transformed the world around us. In this age, knowledge is power and you have it available at the click of your mouse. To put it materialistically, it means anything that can be bought with money is available online for you to buy as also the free wealth of information for easy access. Internet has developed as a big platform, not only for transacting business but also as a brand building and awareness tool, and a communication portal where you can establish business and interpersonal relationships. Internet services like building

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The Tough Decision For Your Business: CMS vs. Website Builders

Creating a website for a small business is going in the right direction. However, as you choose the right direction, sometimes you come to a fork, and you need to decide which way you will turn. A good percentage of small business owners know their stuff.  That is, what they sell. But asking them about creating a website that will showcase their business online is another thing altogether. They are presented with several options on which is the perfect tool to use to create their website and it confuses them more since they have no clue about it. It can

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Top 5 Blogs Every Small Business Owner Should Read

If you’re managing a small business website and you sometimes feel out of the loop of mainstream small business marketing, you’re not alone. It’s impossible to count how many people feel like it’s difficult to keep in touch with the latest developments in the online world; it’s tough following what seem to be almost daily changes, after all. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and you don’t have to add hours to your work day just to feel like you’re staying on top of small business marketing strategies across the web. You just need to know where to

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5 Things That Don’t Work for Small Business Local SEO

Building a strong internet presence with smart local SEO strategies is essential in today’s market. Buyers do global searches but buy locally. Learning and using local search optimization practices will drive customers to your door. Search engines don’t just present and recognize what individual businesses publish authoritatively, but they also aggregate user-generated comments and connect them to individual businesses. Reviews and ratings are gathered through Google and shown against any brand searches. Even if a business website doesn’t get top ranking, the brand name they carry may rank high, and that will drive in local business. Wow, that’s a lot

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