Is Your Business Holiday Season Ready

Is Your Business Holiday Season Ready

December 9th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

With every part of the country basking in the joyous mood of festivities, it makes a perfect business sense to make most of this million dollar extravaganza. From promotional deals, to fun engagements, and freebies, holiday season is the season not to be missed, rather one of the best times to build higher visibility, brand connect, and may be profits too!

So, how all can you leverage this holiday season?

Tip #1: Say it with a picture!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s say it with a picture. Make sure you update your banners across the mediums to have a similar brand image. Also, pictures help you connect better, even if a person is in a hurry, or simply scrolling by, there are chances that he/she might stop and look at a picture as compared to reading your text message. And after all who doesn’t like to ogle on beautiful pictures. But make sure it connects to your brand values, style, and image.

Tip #2: Book your Social Media Calendar

Don’t forget to update your social handles. And before you start building up the calendar, we suggest to list up the festivities, right from Hannukah, Christmas, to New Years, and then plan your posts accordingly. Focus on the handles you think shall be perfect for your business and offer major opportunity for your business. The offers or posts doesn’t need to be extravagant, even a simple yet engaging post can do the trick.  Also, we don’t want you to keep posting and be busy on social handles so make sure you incorporate some time-saving tools and schedule your posts well on time.

Tip #3: Emails are important too!

So very much unlike the popular belief of shrinking email popularity, we think emails still hold the key to a successful marketing campaign. Emails including newsletters, announcements, and more still catch the prospects eye, provided they are well written and properly formatted as per the mobile norms too. Emails play a rather special role in reminding about your promotional offers. We suggest you to schedule your mailers just like social media posts to avoid last minute hassles.

Tip #4: Tweak your campaigns as per the Festival

While there would be number of campaigns including PPC, Adwords, or even social campaigns running for your website, make sure you update them as per the holiday mood. Tweak the existing campaigns with some keywords that may be used around the holidays, this would give you a boost, and for the time being you can stop the other ones. Even for your website related keyword campaigns, make sure you invest wisely.

Tip #5: Go Responsive

Yes, if you are still sitting with a standard computer website, than it’s high time to move to responsive, mobile-friendly websites. Needless, to state the growing popularity of mobile devices in the market, so invest some quality time during festive offs in shaping up your business online, so it looks great and stands better visibility and accessibility probability in coming year. You could do it all by yourself with the help of Web Start Today responsive templates and make use of the wonderful Winter Wonder Sale of 80% OFF on premium websites on yearly plans.

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