SEO Tips for Small Businesses

SEO Tips for Small Businesses

July 18th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is one the most touted digital marketing trick. I wouldn’t say over-rated here, because SEO is indeed one of the key and imperative factor for increased traffic and visibility, online. But is it really that tough and arduous to get it right? I shall leave that on you to decide, and meanwhile share some quick and easy SEO tips, just like our effortless, stress-free website builder to help you set your website, blog, or any other online asset right.

1. Get That Title Precise
How did you plan to start reading this blog post? Or for that matter whatever you read, by reading its title? Title defines weather you would read the complete post, article or just leave it there. We suggest, imbibing strong keyword/keyword phrase in the title itself, the heading should be lucrative for both search engine and the reader.

2. Quality Vs. Quantity
The length of a post depends highly on the topic & type of the post. For instance, a post on “How to make a Sushi” might not be as vast and detailed as compared to the one on Social Media Marketing, likewise we might not be able to define a perfect/idol length but what needs to be taken care of is the quality. Make sure your content adds value, it should be unique and fresh content. For your convenience, all our web designs come prepopulated with keyword rich content.

3. Right Keywords at the Right Place
While a lot has been already said about the right keywords that help your content rank well on the search engine but at the same point relevancy and density of the keyword also matters a lot. Make sure that the content has the right mix of the relevant keywords. Even the images can have them; use keywords as filename instead of untitled/image1.jpeg and add them in ALT Tags, that’s how google crawlers comprehend your images.

4. Apt Title and Description
A perfect Page Title & Meta Description will allow Google crawlers to first understand you well, list you and your visitors, prospects to find you and know more about you right from the search engine listing. Make them as crisp, inviting and relevant as possible. Add main keywords here. Google truncates anything beyond 55-57 characters for Page Title and 160 characters for Meta Description, so make use of the space you have. Web Start Today allows you to update the Page Title, or Meta Description very easily.

5. Power of Links
Linking is essential both internally and externally, for Google crawlers to know about your existence, for increased credibility and hence, better ranking on search engine listing. When a highly trustworthy website backlinks to you, Google starts building its trusts on you, likewise if a bad one or a broken link exists on your website, the effect is averse. It’s like you are known by your company. All Web Start Today websites come with easy sitemap for google crawlers to understand and tag your website.

6. Keep Yourself Updated
Foremost, keep yourself braced with the latest— newest in the industry, your domain and share notes, and views about the same. This way you are able to give your prospects exactly what they are looking for, gain credibility and visibility too by influencing Google & and other search engines with updated, fresh and unique content with the latest, hottest keywords.

Lastly, you can always ask the experts, Web Start Today SEO experts, to help you!

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