Social Media & Holiday Season: Blending the Best of Both

Social Media & Holiday Season: Blending the Best of Both

December 23rd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Social Media has evolved from a brand amasser, which helped them create visibility, reach out to wider audience, and gather brand fans & followers; to social commerce stop. And holiday season acts as the perfect topping on this social retail icing. While a lot of businesses come out with great deals and offers to make most out of this festive season but quite a lot of them forget to leverage the most raging tool – Social Media.

We, as a business owner need to understand the reach and power social media can bring to any business. And holiday season amongst all, is a great time to strengthen this bond, engage with the prospects, and make a sellable mark. So what all does it require to make this mark:

Social Calendar: Now you would find a very mixed review on this one. Quite a lot find this over-rated but if you ask our whizzes, it all starts from here. You need to have a proper plan, spread across the social handles you plan to use for your business promotion, with apt holiday season flavored content and deals. Make sure you differentiate your posts as per the social handle you are posting too, else what is the point of following you on different handles? And don’t worry, you don’t need to do all these posting all by yourself, you could engage in an automation tool and schedule all your posts well in advance.

Involve Your Fans: Festival season is all about togetherness, happiness shared, and off course gifts. Try and include all these three things in your social posts. You could share your office celebrations, how your employees plan to celebrate, or even better ask your followers to share their festival stories. Everyone, despite of their age, sex, or creed loves to hear happy stories. And what better way to connect then hearing your real story.

Loosen up: Ok this does not mean at all to lose out on posts, campaigns, or on any engagement front. It just means to lighten up on the hard sell posts and heavy content. Bask into the holiday season mood and share some posts which talk or show festivities around and still somehow align with your product and services.

Make it Beautiful: This one might sound not so important to some serious business owners but trust me, it makes a lot of sense. What pleases your eye, definitely takes some room/space in your heart and mind. So make sure first time they land on your social handle page, they are mesmerized with the cover banner and post pictures you share. And the pictures should neatly spread the festive spirit with business relevancy.

Deals & Offers: After all gift is what makes the festive season so very dear to all of us. Giving or receiving, both the parts are equally dear to us, so why not lure your prospects with some incredible offers. And in case you didn’t realize it’s a great way to make gain visibility and make some quick sales too!

Season’s Greetings!

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