The Big Digital Transformation – Are you part of it?

The Big Digital Transformation – Are you part of it?

October 7th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

So it started with a desktop, and later laptops, smartphones, tablets, and now almost everything right from your entertainment device, TV to a necessity wear, watch, internet or better said, digitization has changed the way it works.  It’s the era of digitization, and to be successful, stand in the marketplace, you need to digitally transform.

Digital Transformation, or in simpler words, enhancing customer experience at every touch point by realigning business models using technology; is how we, Web Start Today plans to differentiate you amongst the thousand others in the marketplace.  With our custom digital transformation strategy for every business, we seamlessly integrate all your web, mobile, ecommerce, and service efforts to provide a unified and effortless customer experience. So what does Digital Transformation means to business:

  • 10% increase in overall margins due to customer centricity
  • 1.7 times more revenue due to engaged customers
  • 50% hike in conversion rate
  • Upto 500% up profits
  • 12% hike in web self service

And here’s what we focus on to deliver through the digital transformation:

Customer Experience

Flawless, effortless experience is the key to any loyal customer’s heart and mind, and that’s the reason it forms the core of our digital transformation strategy. Our experts guide you in envisioning and implementing multichannel customer services for that perfect experience at every touch point; making every customer a loyal one.

Operational Processes

There are times when we try to give our best and be there, present at all the possible digital avenues to serve our customers right, but when it comes to execution, lack of proper planning and operation process alignment, makes us lose at the end moment. For instance, you place an order at an online store and later but way before your order reaches you, you had a chance of going to the same shop physically and you plan to upgrade your choice, but the retailer has no access to your online order history – isn’t it very infuriating and  frustrating.

Business Models

The complete digital transformation happens when we revolutionize not just how the function works, but entirely redefine how different functions in a business interact with each other, evolving the boundaries and processes of the entire business. We shall also help you explore new digital avenues including apps, mobilization, and more.

We understand there is no fixed strategy, and neither do we claim to have the ideal one. What we ensure, is the best possible digital transformation strategy that suits your business environment without hurting your pocket.

*stats source: TCS

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