4 Tips for Attracting Customers with Contractor Website Design

March 19th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

A professional contractor definitely understands how significant the first impressions is, particularly in today’s extremely competitive market. The failure and success of the business, often depends upon the first impression of the website with the  potential customer. Recent studies show that most of the visitors decide whether or not to do business within the first 5-10 seconds of visiting the website. So, it is important to know whether the overall website inspires the decision of current and potential customers?

Why is sleek and informative website design is important for attracting customers?

The website home page is the first and foremost thing a visitor sees. That is why it has to be engaging to hold the visitor as long as possible. The contractor can easily create his own website through webstarttoday. By using different features, the contractor can build an attractive website that gives visitors a reason to accesses the complete site and finally come to the business.

Here are four tips for contractors to have a professional and attractive website:

1. Services and service area must be mentioned in a clear way

Tell the visitors that they’re at the right place and they can hire the contracting services they are searching for. Let the visitor know all trades and services offered by the contractor and in which area or city. Also, let them know the exact or special services offered, including emergency services. Clearly describe the other key bits of information in detail or in the pointed/numerical form.

2. The site must be professional and friendly

A contractor can take the initiative for building a website, once he decides to create a logo for his website. Most of the contractors do not consider the design and color scheme of the website, but it is good to remember about the user interface of the site. It is important to gear up logos, design and color schemes, that appeals to both women and men.

Visitors usually want friendly, professional and trustworthy web design to access. Here are some of the elements of professional and a warm look:

  • Attractive, friendly colors and layout
  • Well written content, without grammatical errors or misspellings
  • Everything works properly, and no technical glitches

 3. Attractive to get high-end clients

If a contractor wants high-end residential and commercial customers, then his website must focus on the quality. There must be good customer reviews, high grades by the Business Bureau. As low prices are not a thing that matter for these customers. So the website must be capable to deliver the professional look to visitors. The web pages of the contractors website should include testimonials and photos of commercial projects, this will provide a more business-like feel.

4. Call to action

Visitors are much interested  to call if asked. Asking them to provide feedback or review is “call to action.” Sometime it really seems strange that the website owner asks people to call, but it’s  one of the best and effective principle of advertising.

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