5 Must Haves for Your Nonprofit Organization Website

5 Must Haves for Your Nonprofit Organization Website

August 27th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

 A non-profit organization always faces the challenge of funding. No matter how valuable a cause is, it is still a challenge to raise awareness, much more funds, about the needs they address. Besides coming up with a good strategy, they also need to convince their supporters to fund the project and produce results to keep their cause alive. And one of the medium which helps them reach their supporters globally is a website.

 We see countless websites of about different non-profit organizations. We have seen their feeds, great things they accomplish and number of lives being influenced and changed, but still they lack supporters. For many, their websites lack that spark which keeps people engaged. Where are the missing sparks that create a bridge between a non-profit organization and a potential sponsor? Allow Web start Today to guide you through its years of industry experience:

Exciting Content

Since every business enterprise has jumped in the internet bandwagon, the hurry to create a website, a mere presence on the internet  without a proper research and thought through process has killed more brands then giving them a new light. Most companies are hard headed towards producing quality content. An average blog content will do for them, no matter how poorly researched it was and how poorly written.

An exciting website content must be strategically penned. It must cover the basic questions in the minds of the consumers with satisfying answers and at the same time engage them and make them curious to know more. To guide you, all our non profit website templates come preloaded with SEO friendly content too.

 Media Content

Since most people hold a stigma around nonprofit organizations legitimacy, it is best to produce videos and pictures on what is happening with the work your organization does. Doing so not just approves your good work for the society but also approves your work in front of investors and sponsors, enough to keep them funding the project. Besides raising awareness for your course, makes sure that the visitors see the need to help.

Contact Details

Interested people would want to know and talk to you about the cause more. They might want to email, call, visit or whatever platform is most convenient for them to follow communication. This information should be easily accessible. A non-profit organization must be effective in follow up and follow through.

Social Media Integration

In today’s world, a social media presence is necessary.Period, and that’s why all our templates have the ability to add your social handles. The social media also allows you to measure how effective your content is. The number of shares, likes, retweets, and comments you get determine the reach of your content. The reactions of the people who follow you, and the general perception of the public are available to you within minutes from the time of your post. You can therefore strategically determine what content attracts the supporters, making your cause to be heard by a larger audience.

Donate Button

And sometimes, your website is perfect, everything is apt except one thing, the most important, donation pin. A working donate button or a comprehensive contacts page moves your platform up a notch. Don’t miss the chance to reap the fruits of your labor and receive funding for your cause, right away with our DIY website builder.

With a number of obstacles to outgrow, we believe a nonprofit organization still has a great potential in the virtual space. With the right mix, you can reach thousands of people across the globe who are ready to help your campaign. Allow us, Web start Today to do it for you.

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