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February 21st, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

A website is one of the most common requirements for both beginners and professional artists. The way in which an artist exhibits his work to everyone and anyone is only and only through the website. It is also the only way through which he can talk about his philosophies about art, his work process and can display his resume or portfolio to the whole world.

What do art dealers and galleries like to observe when they come across an artist website?

Most of people or customers are in search of latest and finest art. That is why it is important for the artist to keep his website updated all the time. An artist can do this by having a professional and dynamic website. Having a website by any website designing and development company cost thousands of dollars. If an artist is a beginner or have a tight budget, then he can prefer any online web builder. These online web builders are normally free and easy to start with. In addition to an informative website an artist can also integrate a number of functionalities including shopping carts, widgets etc.

Art galleries have many ways to showcase the work done by an artist. However, there are some common elements on which most of galleries and dealers would agree are summarized below:

  • Keep design or art work elegant and simple
  • Try to keep the focus on the art itself
  • Don’t overpower the look and feel of the art with a website that looks busy
  • Be careful of “Designers” effects like flash, animation etc.
  • Everything an artist would have in his portfolio (in the form of hard-copy) should be there –artist statements, bios, resumes, etc.
  • Always aware of the possible positive or negative reaction experience that can come from clients.
  • Clear information should be included in the contact page of the website, all information must include: phone, fax, mail, email. Etc

How can an artist showcase his work in the most attractive way?

It’s not possible for an artist to show off his work without a website. These days internet is growing fast and easy, people like to access internet rather than reading or consulting a book. So having a professional website is of utmost importance for an artist. A website is considered the best option for an artist to show his artwork ,so he must consider the following things before creating a website:

  • Choose logos, fonts to go with the work
  • An informative and subjective content should be there
  • The copy should create the environment or underlying feeling for the site
  • Create a sense of openness or mystery in the site to compliment the sense of the art.
  • Use high quality pictures from efficiently photographed work – apply “Garbage in
    – Garbage out principle” here!

Email marketing is also a best way to tell people about the site. An artist can use
Mailing lists he has developed himself, or purchased. Rich-Text emails allow artists to showcase his work as beautifully and professionally. In addition to having income, an artist website must reflect the creativity and working capability of the artist.

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