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January 29th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Creating and managing an eCommerce website is sometimes challenging, but also rewarding. With the increase in the online users and the online transactions of buying and selling, it is important to have a good website builder for an eCommerce website. Before launching an eCommerce website it is important to have the knowledge about the features to be there in the good eCommerce website builder.

A good eCommerce website builder must contain:

  • Easy customization

The eCommerce website represents the face and home of the online business. A good web builder must contain complete and easy customization options and attractive designs to choose. The user must be able to change the colors, images, text, logo, videos, etc. from time to time as per the requirement. It must contain the functions that appeal to the designers and non designers.

  • Complete web Hosting service

The website created by the user must be live and easily accessible online. The website building company  is having the racks of servers and a complete date centre where the website information is housed. The web hosting must be reliable because the online business is available 24X7 and the site should be easily accessible all the time. There can be some emergency situations when the website is down for some kind of maintenance, but advance information is provided to the website owners.

  • Good management of merchant accounts

After creating the website the most important step in the eCommerce website is the merchant accounts that  allows the user to make the electronic payments like debit cards, credit cards, online banking, etc. The online web builder provides an application form for creating merchant account and it will be done on the same business day whereas the paper work may take weeks to get completed.

  • Marketing of the website

In order to push more and more customers to the website, it is essential to follow the marketing technique. A good website builder provides the tools to its user to maximize their potential. The blog functions and social media are a great way to popularize the website. SEO is a great tool to increase the ranking of the website on the search engine by using the common keywords in the content.

  • Storage space

As shelf space is required in a physical store, the online store also requires space on the internet for storing and displaying the pages of the website and the product pages. Some website builders provide a limited space so it is important to use the highest quality and smaller images to save the space for the other things like the text, videos, files etc.

  • Stock of the product

To keep the visitors engaged with the website and for making the website more interesting, it is very essential to add more and more products on the website from time to time. One should go for drop ship suppliers or the inventory should be auto filled in order to keep the site updated and the stock is readily available to the customers for buying online.

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