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March 28th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

The word CPA basically means Certified Public Accountant.  It is a statutory title for accountants who qualify the exam based on different patterns according to accounting law of the nation. CPA and Accountants these days must have a professional and updated website, as it plays an important role in both corporate and government sector. There must be a complete CPA website that can perform operations like tax audits, business consulting, and corporate accounting and many other services. Becoming a successful accountant these days is not an easy job to do as it was years before, now there are huge things that an accountant must undergo or consider before being recognized as a professional and legal advisor.

An online web builder provides a reliable and effective alternative for the accountants, seeking for a professional and sleek designed website. Creating CPA and accounting website through a team of experts or professional freelancer costs in thousands of dollars. Whereas the Web Start Today allows accountants to have a perfect and working website for free or at some minimum cost. The website is definitely a useful marketing tool with the right set of ideas, and assists the business owner in maintaining the growth of the business.

A professional CPA Website includes the following:

  • Self editing designs:  It allows the CPA to customize the web designs according to his requirement.
  • Home Page:  It is the summary of the entire layout of the website on the landing page
  • Services Page: It explains the services and procedures that are carried out on the website.
  • Contact us: This includes the contact information including email, contact number, map etc.

Following are the important tips that must be considered while creating an Accounting or CPA website. By following these tips one can turn the visitors into permanent customers.

  • Do remember that the site is a CPA website and make sure that its textual content is accurate and are not too dry that irritate visitors. It must be in line with the target audience (have something special for those who need CPA and accounting services). The website must be so informative that it should explain why the services offered by particular accountant are best for them.
  • Accounting or CPA websites must look aesthetically good, easy to navigate and user-friendly. Many online web builders including the Web Start Today take care of this and allow Accountants to have a perfect website.
  • The website must create an attractive online presence, and it should be enough clever to turn the new visitor into a customer. Nevertheless, it should emphasize on how the services offered through websites can really help people.
  • Once the CPA-specific website is created, now it’s time to go through it in detail. It is important to study thoroughly all the content, services offered, CPA tools etc. It is good to highlight the best services and offers on the website home page to attract the visitors.


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