Are you iPhone6 Compatible?

Are you iPhone6 Compatible?

September 15th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Apple has finally released its much awaited, iPhone6 and iPhone6plus and needless to say, Apple has once again proved its design supremacy and impeccable sense of technology. The added #iwatch with its various editions is much more than icing on the cake. To say the least, the stores would be soon flooded with these flawless mobile devices and later, you would find these fine pc. of technology in the hands of customers, globally. However, how does all this affect your business? Your online branding assets? Or does it really matter?

Yes, it does, and it does quite a lot. Studies have shown that the major reason behind high bounce back from a website is the long time it takes to open, uneven viewing and uneasy surfing experience on their mobile devices. And with billions of mobile users globally, you surely don’t want that to happen with your website, so exactly what all does iphone6 compatible site mean:

  • A Healthy Customer Relationship:

When we say iphone6 compatible site, we mean a mobile friendly site, which needs no zooming and pinching. A website that adjusts according to the screen size it open in be it iphone6 or iphone6plus, technology that doesn’t take long time to load or consumes high mobile data services. In short, a web design which offers seamless user experience on every device.

  • Affection by Google:

Google appreciates and rewards mobile friendly sites. Single link not just makes it easier for Google’s link algorithms but also unchanged HTML increases crawler and index efficiency so Google can better crawl more of your site. Also sharing is easy and better experienced when it’s a single URL. Think of a user sharing mobile site URL to a friend who views it on his desktop or vice-versa, wouldn’t it leave a not-so-great experience.

  •  Lower Maintenance & Increased Sales:

And it’s best for your pocket too. It is easier to manage a mobile friendly site over a desktop site and an additional mobile site. And a single iphone6 compatible site would ensure, that when a visitor comes to your site, and like a product, s/he can immediately make a buy rather than coming back again on desktop to make a sell. Quite a lot of times, the urgency to buy a product/service on the move and unavailability of a mobile friendly site, leads to a loss of customer. Remember, your competitors are online too!

So, what exactly do you need? We suggest a Responsive/mobile friendly site, and we can help you with that.

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