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January 30th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

There are many steps which you need to follow to make a website of your own. Website making is not a rocket science these days. You can make your own website even if you have no previous knowledge of creating, developing and designing a website. Basic computer knowledge will be enough if you correctly follow the following steps, to make a presentable website! The initial thing that you should do is to contact a website service provider to host a website. These things are further elaborated, step by step in following lines.

Hosting and domain:

  • First of all, select a suitable and reliable hosting service that will host your website. It should be fast and without any lags. The loading time of your website will mainly depend on the quality of service on your host.
  • Registering a domain name is the second step. It is the most important step because the domain name will be what with which people will call your website. It should be selected after a proper planning. You can give your website any name out of the available names. If you are creating a business website, the best thing is to find your business name as your domain name. If not available, you can look for the closest option available.


Content is an important thing, you should provide the viewers with quality content if you want the viewers to stay at your website. Content is a very powerful thing and if wrongly chosen, it can change the overall objective of your site. So, be very cautious while selecting the content. You can write your content yourself, or you can hire someone to write an appropriate content for your website. Also, you can Google related content to see the examples to get help in writing the content more effectively.

Pictures and other graphics:

  • Previously, there was no concept of making website colorful and attractive with bells and whistles. But now, to attract the audience you have to put images, graphics and videos. This is an essential thing. Choose the best pictures with high definition quality to upload to your website. It is better to upload real pictures of your business; in this way people will find it easy to trust you and your company.
  • Videos: you can use YouTube for this purpose. Make a playlist of videos in your YouTube account and get the codes for those videos by pressing get the code button on YouTube. On your website, drop the html icon where you want to see the video, the paste that code in the opened dialogue box and videos will start appearing on your site.

Money from free website!

Yes, it is possible. You can make some money from this free website of yours by associating your website with Google AdSense. Make your AdSense account and follow the steps to get the code for the ad, paste that code in the Google icon on your website and you will start making money by utilizing the traffic you generate.

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