Avoiding the Top Five Business Website Design Mistakes

January 20th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

As a business owner, you know the need to create a business website. This website would help showcase your business and maybe even promote online sales. However, it is so easy to make few common mistakes when you create a business website. Let’s take a look at five top business website design mistakes and how they can be avoided.

User unfriendly websites: When you create a business website, it is very easy to look for flashy elements that catch the eye. These elements often look quite impressive and as business owners, we often believe that these would help attract potential customers to our websites. But these flashy elements take a lot of space and often obscure the navigation elements of your website. That is why whenever you create a business website, your first need to sort out the navigation of your website. You should strive for navigation that is prominent, simple to use, and intuitive. Potential customers will only stick to your website if they are able to locate everything at first glance.

Lack of readability:It isn’t enough to ensure that your customers can easily locate all elements in your website. It is also important to ensure that visitors or potential customers can actually read the information you have added to your website. So whenever you create a business website, choose a medium-sized,clear font instead of a fancy, curvy one. Also, ensure that the contrast between your page background and font color is sufficient for visitors to easily read the information you have put up. When you create a business website, it is also a good idea to make a few important words and phrases more prominent than the rest. These words and phrases would help direct visitor attention to the offers or promotions of your choice.

Lack of actionable items:The objective of any business website is to ensure that the visitor either purchases the goods and services you offer or at least, makes an enquiry regarding the same. That is why each page on your website should have prominent links to actionable items such as links to place an order, frequently asked questions, and the contact page. If you have any promotional offers, these offers should also be prominently displayed and not buried in paragraphs of text. On the other hand, an overabundance of actionable items is also likely to put off prospective customers, so be judicious in their use.

Sketchy information: Another aspect of a good business website is information about the products or services you offer. Sketchy information with prompts to contact the administrator for more details is frustrating for any visitor. So when you create a business website, provide adequate information about your business and the products and services you offer. Information should also be provided about any upcoming products, services, or promotions along with why a potential customer should buy from you.

Outdated information: Often, after we successfully create a business website, we forget about it. That only leads to stale, outdated content that gives the impression of a business that is about to go under or is about to be sold. To prevent this, whenever you create a business website, you should also plan for regular updates. These updates can include latest promotions, new offering, newsworthy events, or even blog articles about your products. Ideally, your business website should be updated, at least, once a week.

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