Benefit of Responsive Web Design for SMB’s

March 10th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

The rapid increase in the usage of internet on mobile phones, particularly Smartphones along with tablets led all types of businesses to think seriously about utilizing some extra platforms to increase their reach on a worldwide scale. Google experts said that the year 2013 can be considered as the year of Responsive Web Design. Simply it means building websites that are easy to view and access on a mobile device like, Smartphones, palm tops, tablets PCs, etc. The word Responsive Web Design was introduced by a web designer, Ethan Marcotte, in the year 2010. And now it has become the preferred sales strategy for most of the online businesses.

With the appearance of a broad variety of online marketing platforms such as, Smartphones, websites, tablets, etc. the businesses frequently need to upgrade their content and web design to make them easily accessible on different screen sizes. For example, a website designed for a classic desktop computer having screen size 1024×768 cannot be displayed properly on an Apple iPhone with screen size 5′s 640×1136 screen. Therefore, essential adjustments have to be made on a timely basis.

Initially, it was quite expensive to have a responsive version of the website, but with the involvement of online web builders it has become easier and less expensive. The online web builders allow the owners to have responsive web designs for their website. One of the most frequently used online web builder is webstarttoday, it also allows business owners and people to have professional responsive websites within a couple of minutes.

Following are the reasons that why responsive websites are inevitable for business:

  • Improved consumer experience

Responsive website is highly adaptable and gives the users a convenience to access site or information even at the remote place. Hardly matters what type of device the user is using, the responsive website, simply fits into its layout. Responsive pages are with more call-to-action buttons and are inbuilt as compared to desktop sites. Integration of vertical scrolls as opposite to horizontal scrolls makes the viewing experience engaging and faster. With responsive web sites, businesses can ensure advanced sales and it also helps in building a dedicated pool of clients.

  • It shares similar URLs

The URL never or hardly varies with the responsive web design. The similar URL display alike site with the same graphics, videos and content on every device. This ignores the need to memorize multiple site addresses and it is often a secret advantage of creating a responsive web design. It is absolutely helpful for businesses with difficult or long site URLs.

  • Multiple channel targeting ability

Responsive website or designs helps businesses in catering multiple channels. Responsive website can get a reasonably priced and effective single channel business to market their product across diverse market segments. In addition to this, the responsive websites enable their users to share device precise links amongst them for faster and easier access to sites. These days having a responsive version of website or creating new responsive website is not so difficult or expensive. Most of online web builders allow to have a responsive website free of cost.

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