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February 12th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Visiting the architect’s website to stay informed about the latest trends and designs can be very exciting. However, every once in a while you may come across a website that is poorly designed and is not able to present the projects in an understandable manner. Therefore, if you are an architect and have decided to launch a website to promote yourself, you mustn’t make such mistakes. The good news is, that you can make use of the free website builders like Web Start Today to help you in building your website. Web Start Today has made the task as convenient as it ever gets. Let’s take a closer look at how exactly can this website builder help you in developing your architect website.


While making use of the free website builders to develop your architect website, you should make use of the feature that enables you to change the background color and put it in plain white. This is essential if you want to make your pictures stand out.


Remember that your convincing project description or attractive website appearance is not going to be sufficient if you end up putting low resolution pictures on your website. The use of free website builders allows you to put up high resolution pictures on your architect website that enables you to gather more visitors.


While there may be a number of professionals in favor of using flash on your website, it is to be kept in mind that using flash on your website disables your visitors to share the pages with their friends and acquaintances easily. Therefore, it is advised to make use of a free website builder like Web Start Today to build a website in HTML or CSS etc which provides a better experience to your customers.


No matter how obvious it may seem, it is still worth mentioning here that keeping your architect website up to date is essential to make sure that you are able to convert your visitors into potential customers. Think about it, if a visitor lands on your page and gets amused by your project, but ends up finding that you haven’t come up with an update in the previous couple of years, would he want to work with you?

Content Management System:-

One of the outstanding features of the website builders is the content management system CMS. CMS has literally made the task of managing your architect website so convenient that you can perform it using your computer, mobile phone or any other smart device for that matter. The ease of use has ruled out the need of hiring a web designer just to manage your website.

Last but not the least, it is also important to make sure that you mention something about yourself on the website as well, along with the project. Now, since you know that the free website builder like Web Start Today is your first step towards launching your own architect website, you are all set to go live in the matter of hours.

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