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January 21st, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

In today’s world where the computers and technology have become a very dominant force, the majority of the products and services are offered online and most of the people are choosing the option of online purchasing as it saves the time and the money also. With the increase in the internet usage, it is very important for a business to have an online presence. The attractive point is that the businessman is not limited to his area, but to the whole world and can offer his products and services to the whole world. All these factors create the need of an ecommerce website for the business.


An ecommerce website is a great option for the following reasons:-

  • Easier to sell the products and services.
  • It can be uploaded and can be live in a few minutes.
  • Easy to handle and work on
  • Creating the website is a matter of the creativity and the time available.
  • One can create it with minimum or no cost
  • Can be easily handled even if working from home and can continue with the primary job.

WEbstarttoday has made it easier for its users by creating a web shop. The following features are offered by its web shop.


  • Available free of cost

The web shop of webstarttoday offers the website templates and themes free of cost to its users. One can click on the widget as per the requirement and can place it on the web page by dragging it.

  • Free domain name

There is no need to pay for the domain name as the site provides the sub domain name for the business under the primary domain name. For the beginners, it is the best option and later on he can purchase the domain name at a very reasonable price to upgrade his website.

  • Payment options
    • Standard merchant accounts

The site also offers the option of the merchant accounts that increases the litter paper work for the user as it involves credit check and can take days for the payments to get delivered to the user. The payments are hold by the merchant account for few days or months and the merchant account also charges some percentage of payments.

  • PayPal as the payment option

The ecommerce website also offers the option of payments through different means  and PayPal is also one of the options available to the users of webstarttoday that they can add on to their ecommerce website.

  • Creation of shopping cart

A shopping cart is must for an ecommerce website. It is the process of purchasing the products from the website and then checking out. The different payment options allow the user to make the payments on the commerce website. One can easily create this option using the webstattoday on his website.

  • SEO

It is the process of improving the website ranking on the search engine and the SEO option is also available to the users of the website builder to create a website that is professionally designed and suits to their business requirements.

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