Build your Free Website with Website Maker -Top 5 Reasons

November 19th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

Imagine that you have a small business and have a decent turnover. Now you can afford to expand a bit and decide to diversify a bit. You decide that you want to do free home deliveries for your locality and want to create a free website to promote the same. Now you are in a dilemma. What all do you need to do to create one? There are things like domains and hosts that you do not understand. There are other things such as SEO optimization and designing pleasing looking web pages too. It is all so confusing.  So what options do you have?

You can either hire a design team to design and develop or you can use a website maker to create your free website. The choice is not as simple as it seems because the idea of a design team seems appealing. They are the experts in the industry and most certainly know there stuff. They would take care of everything you need. But unless you have basic knowledge, you would not be able to know if what they are doing would benefit you. Also, more importantly, you would not have control of your own site. Any updates or promotions would need to be done by the experts, who might not have the time to make updates instantly. They might even want to charge extra for any updates. This makes the option of a website maker slightly more lucrative. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons for using one to create your website.

  • It is easy: Yes, it is true. As you do not need extensive knowledge of hosting and domains. These things are taken care of by the builder. Also, most of them offer an easily operable content management tool that makes creating pages for your site as easy as typing. As a result, you don’t need to have extensive knowledge to create your free website.
  • Templates: One of the most important aspects of any site is its attractive design. Without an appealing design, any site would be shunned by people browsing the Internet. A builder generally has a wide selection of templates of different designs. All you need to do is to select the design that appeals to you the most.
  • Time: In addition to being easy, it is quick. With available templates and a simple content management tool, your task is as simple as signing up, making a selection, and entering the text. The rest is already done for you.
  • Cost: One can never overlook the cost of anything. Whether you select a package with no associated costs or a paid one, it is still cheaper to use a site builder to create your free website. And you still get all the frills you want.
  • Full control: One of the best things is that you get full control over it. You can update content, announce promotions, list discounts, and even add products and services as and when you want.
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