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January 6th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

The lack of knowledge about building a website is the thing that usually stops many people from starting their own online business. Phrases like ‘servers’, ‘domains’ and ‘hosting’  creates an unnecessary confusion for those who have little or no knowledge about the website building. Sometime beginner also avoids learning web designing or development, just because of coding phobia. But actually it is quite easy and simple to own a website, either for a business or as a part of your hobby.

Is it important to have a complete knowledge of HTML?

Though HTML works as a base stone in the field of website building, but these days many free website builders are available in the market and on the internet. These web builders allow users to create websites according to their requirement, without any prior knowledge of HTML. Building a website from scratch is time consuming sometimes but it completely depends on the number of pages included in the website and how much information or content is available. Uploading of a website is extremely easy and many web hosting companies also offer the domain names for free or at an affordable price.

Creating own website

Nowadays it’s not quite hard to construct the site and there are numerous options available around the internet that help  in creating a site that precisely match your business necessities and satisfy your financial goal. The website explains the purpose and benefits of the business to customers, based in any corner of the world. In the fast growing competition no business earns profit  without making much effort in the market, and it is not possible without a professional and informative website. Having a relevant website means a target customer or audience at home, without stepping out of the door.

Best Content Management System (CMS) for website

There are many CMS available and one can integrate any one with his website, according to his requirement and to meet with his business objectives. Mambo, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress are some of the commonly used CMS.  WordPress is best suited CMS for any type of website and these days it is highly accepted by developers and website builders. Here are some of the detailed features of WordPress:

  1. Easy to install: Unlike many other complicated and vast CMS, WordPress is easy to install and use as well. It is so simple that a person with little knowledge can operate it any time according to his requirement. One of the most important facts about WordPress is blog based and free of cost.
  2. Flexible and interactive: Primarily WordPress is used for creating blogs, but these days one can use it in an e-commerce website, for an online portfolio, for a membership site and so on. With WordPress one can also change themes or integrate widgets himself, with consulting any developer or expert.

Building a website for small business or for the purpose of learning is quite easy and less time consuming, whereas a professional website for a well established brand or organization is really a thing to consider seriously.

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