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January 22nd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Creating a website within a couple of hours is not so difficult, with easy to use website builder tools and techniques one can design his own website. Hundreds of free ready to use templates with drag and drop functionality and auto-format layouts are available, that assist the user in designing a free website. One can also customize the existing templates in order to use them with Facebook or blog.

Here are some of the simple and clear steps through which one can own a sleek and informative web site.

  • Decide appropriate niche

Many people wish to own a website, but often they are not able to decide the objective of the website or can’t explain what their sites are going to focus on. Hence, it is important to   think about the niche of the website. Having a proper and relevant niche reflects the professional theme and helps get the  visitors as well.

  • Before going to start, it’s necessary to plan the web site

Whenever we are going to start any work or organize an event, we need to plan first of all – in the same way one should plan his website first. Define where to place links, videos, images, testimonials, etc. and if possible make a sketch of the website in order to have a complete layout for your designer as well. It is also important to decide how many pages should be there in a website and while planning a website user also need to give a domain name also. There are various other things like, keywords and their density, type of contents, logo, tagline, etc… that  should be considered while planning for a website. If the user is a beginner and have a little or no knowledge about these things, then it is better for him to consult a professional website builder, he can also take online help from the internet.

  • Add text or content

The text on the website is known as content and one can start adding it in the beginning stage of the website. It is better to have the main keyword as the first word of the title and meta-description accordingly. Don’t make it too long and try to create some beautiful and informative content with a length of about 300 words. The content is of utmost importance in the website that is why it should be informative and attractive so the visitors enjoy reading it.

  • Webhosting

After creating a single web page (home page), one has the option to host his domain and for that he has to look for a web hosting company. There are many good web hosting companies and finding them on the internet is very easy and simple as well. These days’ domain names are not so expensive and can be obtained at reasonable rates.

There are also many free website builders and the standard importance of these free web makers is that, the layman doesn’t have to know how to program or code a site. Google will also help learner’s designers, by offering modern and effective tools.

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