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April 22nd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

The writers and authors are adventurous and creative by nature. When it comes to building a website it is usually a love it or hate it experience, as it involves the cost and time which is very precious in today’s world. But the online website builders have made it possible for the authors to create their own website in a few minutes and without having any previous experience or technical knowledge about web designing. Web start today has proved to be one of the best online web builders available on the internet.

Online web builders allow the authors to enjoy DIY website building

The online web builders have created an option for the authors to create their own professional website and also enjoy doing the same by following the simple steps given in the video tutorials. The authors do not have to spend a single penny in creating their websites and for adding different features on the website. The do it yourself website also allows the authors to edit the website from time to time and from anywhere. The author is well aware of the features that he has integrated on the website and can make full utilization of those features.

Some basic elements that must be included in the author’s website

  • Layout: The website of the author is  about promoting the content created by him. The layout of the website must be simple yet informative. The links and side bars should be minimum and relevant so that the visitor can easily find the content he is looking for.
  • Colors: The color combination should be contrasting and should be according to the theme of the website. The visitors visit the site of the author for reading the content so the color combination used in writing the content should not be very dark that obstruct the reader’s attention.
  • Photos, galleries, audio and videos:  This type of media helps in creating a visual impact on the visitors and converting them into permanent customers. Inserting the cover pages of the books written by the author or some video related to the content written by author can help in increasing the sale of the authors content or books.
  • Applications used on the site: It is always advisable that the flash effects should not be used in these kinds of websites as it can disturb the reader from reading the content of the website. The application should not slow down the speed of the website or take more loading time.

Important factors for an author’s website that directly affects the sales

  • Web site traffic: The most important factor that can affect the author’s website is the website traffic, but it should be the interested traffic. The author’s website must be attractive and informative enough to attract and hold the traffic of the visitors on the website.
  • Conversion rate: Another important factor is the conversion rate of the visitors into customers. If the website is having enough traffic but the conversion rate is low, then the website needs some changes related to the content, services, navigation etc.
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