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February 20th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Without a doubt, the design of your website plays the most crucial role in efficient marketing of your business. The sole purpose of your website is to entice the visitors to turn into customers and an innovative web design is what ensures that accomplishment of your goal. Though each and every single page on your website is considered of equal importance, however, the homepage without a doubt enjoys an even vital role. Specifically talking about the interior design website, the homepage on such a website is your first impression. And just as you never want to create a negative first impression when you get to meet someone in your real life, you would never like to create a negative first impression of your website on your potential customer. So the question arises, what tips are to be kept in mind while creating a free interior design website with a website builder like Web Start Today.


The website builder allows you to keep a headline for your homepage. As a web developer of an interior design website, you need to make sure that this headline is self-explanatory and enticing for your visitor.


The importance of subheading is not to be ignored either. The sub heading of your website elaborates what your website is about and why would a visitor want to become a potential customer of yours as against anyone else’s, belonging to the same industry. The good news for you is that Web Start Today does offer you the feature to add a sub heading for your interior designing website.

Sales Proposition:-

While it may sound quite obvious, it is still, however, important enough to be mentioned here that verbally informing your visitors about the value of your services is indispensable as well. You need to be as concise as you can and let them know why your services are of importance to them. This is what is termed as the Unique Sales Proposition while you are using a website builder to create your interior design website.

Call To Action:-

One of the outstanding features of Web Start Today is that it enables you to add a call to action button on your website. This ensures that the minute details of your website can be hidden at some other web page and are not required to be placed on the homepage that may end up making it all messed up.

Key Features:-

As an owner of the interior design website, it is obligatory for you to define the key features of your services since there are countless websites out there belonging to the same industry. Defining your key features therefore, enables you to elaborate your uniqueness.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that testimonials from your previous customers are one of the greatest fascination for your visitors. Therefore, if you are not new to the market, make sure to add them somewhere on your homepage and watch your sales rising vertically.

While the list of tips to be kept in mind while creating a free interior design website with Web Start Today can be huge, the aforementioned are the top ones which are to be considered indispensable. Furthermore, you can ensure adding the list of awards or such certifications that may convince your visitor to become your customer instead. Adding images or videos to make your interior design website interactive for your visitor with the use of Web Start Today and convenient navigation throughout the web pages ensures that you can increase your customers exponentially.

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