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February 27th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Before creating a website for the photography business or profession, it is very important to know that what forms an effective web design?

An effective photography website design is one that

  • Screens out bad clients
  • Helps in retaining good clients
  • Also attract new clients

It is very important that a photography website must be able to cover up these three points to be successful. In order to maximize the profitability of the business, one must consider these critical elements to create an effective website for his photography business. The elements are:

  • Engages the visitor

On an average the visitor staying period on a website is very less i.e. 10 or 15 seconds. So the website owner has only 10 seconds to capture the attention of the visitor. It is important to highlight the landing page of the website with the best offer or some attractive photograph that makes the user to explore the website more.

  • Professional appearance

For a photographer it is very important that the website created must give a professional look to attract more and more customers. Most people want to cover their special moments of the life from a professional that can create an extra effect in their photos. For a professional look the user friendliness of the website really plays an important role.

  • Inexpensive

Most of the small business owners do not have enough money to create a website of their own. But there is no need to worry as the online web builders like webstarttoday has made it possible even for the common photographer to create a website of his own with no or very less investment.

  • Easy to update

The online website builders also provide an option to the photographers to keep their photography website updated, as they can edit the website anytime and from anywhere. It also allows the photographer to upload the new and attractive photographs and videos and remove the outdated and old ones.

  • Track the popularity of the site

It is very important for the photography site to have a record of the number of people visiting the website on a daily basis. The photographer is updated with the number and type of visitors on the site and can also read their comments to improve the website and his products according to the trend or requirement.

As the photographer is creating his own website with the help of the website builder like webstarttoday then he must keep in mind that he must not include the following things on his website:

  • Flash effects: These look attractive at a first glance, but makes the website work slow and that can irritate the visitor.
  • Sound: The website should not contain any kind of sound effects or music, as it creates a negative effect on the visitor.
  • Unprofessional web design: An unprofessional web design can distract the visitor from the website. If the website in not user friendly the visitor gets irritated and leave the website in few seconds and would never like to visit again.
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