Create Your Own Art Website – Make an Artist Website without Knowing HTML

February 28th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

In order to showcase the art, the artist must have his own website. With a professional website he can display his art to other people who have never seen it before. Usually collectors, dealers and galleries are in search of new artists and they get them through their websites. In addition to this, by having own art website, an artist can keep his fans up to date with his latest collection and the latest work he is doing. A professional website also allows an artist to inform his fans or clients about his upcoming events or shows that he has scheduled. If an artist is confused in the selection of an accurate and easy to use online builder, then the webstarttoday is the best option for him.

For an artist, it is very essential to complete the task of creating and maintaining a website. With the help of Website builders, he doesn’t have to spend time on the learning session of HTML or any other coding language, as webstarttoday offers websites without involving the use of HTML. These days most of online link builders are allowing many people and artists to build websites without going through any coding knowledge. Online web builders are easy to use and some of them also offer technical support.

Here are the advantages of creating an artist website without using HTML:

  • Inexpensive

Most artists can’t afford to hire an expert web designer or a freelancer designer to create a website in order to show his art. So the only option that is usually open for him is that he can submit his work to online galleries. The problem here is that, he is not the only artist there and random galleries don’t promote his work or get his pages on top of the search engines. In addition to this, he will also have to pay monthly fees or even high commission fees just for putting his work on those sites. Another thing that is an insult to his art, some galleries display insufferable advertisements on the same page where the artist’s work is available, this can distract visitors from focusing on the art of the artist.

  • No Technical knowledge required

Instead of learning HTML or any other coding language, posting the work in an online gallery, or hiring a web designer, it is better for the artist to consider an online website builder for having a complete and professional website. An online website builder like web start today will allow an artist to create a website for his art without learning HTML. He can create the pages of his website right through his browser, so if he can use a mouse he can make his own website for showing his artwork.

  • Reliable and cheap web hosting

Many of the online web builders allow cheap and reliable web hosting whereas, others come up with their expensive web hosting. So it is important for an artist to choose affordable and reliable web hosting provider, that suits his requirement all the way.

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