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January 28th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Nowadays, few advanced website builders are offering  much more than  a simple drag and drop feature. A website plays an important role in every person’s life, whether it is for business, social purposes or personal, it has become an essential requirement in todays world. But, the most challenging part is how to build a website easily and quickly. A drag and drop website builder enables the user to easily come across this challenge. Certain factors are there that must be considered while building a drag and drop website.

Does the user know about a keyboard or mouse?

If the user has a little knowledge about the computer, then he can create a landing page or website in a few minutes. The user not only creates an ordinary website but can create a high quality professional looking website. The bonus from the various website builders is a drag and drop feature, that’s making it easier for the user to use and he would not have to crack his head over HTML or any other code.

What will the drag and drop website builder offers? These are as follows:

  • No limit on sites
  • WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) text editing
  • Support for unlimited domains
  • Current events dashboard, Personalized site and media.
  • Making money with turnkey affiliate program
  • Easy media management (Screenshots, Images, Videos)
  • Make changes with dynamic and drag able menus
  • No tears drag & drop functionality
  • File transfer to a web server easily as there is a built in FTP Program
  • Text and Video help tutorials
  • Simple component, site and page duplication
  • Screenshots of any website
  • Header swapping, Template and banner
  • Placing and Simple page layout
  • Page and site management
  • Creation of squeeze pages
  • Export entire sites to users’ desktop for back-up

Is there something more that comes with a drop and drag website builder?

Yes! Here is a bit more:

The user can include videos on his website or landing page in an easy and simple way. The user just has to press a button which comes with each layout he chooses. Once he clicks, a window will pop up and he can choose from the options offered before him. Basically, these are HTML, which he can use to enter his text, videos, screenshot and images. To add a video, he clicks on “video”. Again a new window will appear with fields for alignment, name, video and video URL. User can also click on Google or YouTube to select his videos. In addition to this, he can test and preview the selected video URL. Click “save” once all done, and video will be inserted in the website.

The fact is that, with a drag and drop website builder, one can do everything that is needed to create a high quality professional website. A drag and drop  website builder is really easy, quick and good looking. It does not even require to have any experience and well suited for any type of business.

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