ECommerce website builders and their uses

February 4th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

There are many free and professional website builders that allow the users to build the website that is easily customizable, eCommerce and Google-friendly business websites. And the most  popular feature is a do-it-yourself website by professional developers.

Services offered

These online web builders also offer an extended library of web designs, for all types of businesses and online stores, from service providers to sellers, restaurants, creative professional consultants and more. The integrated fully functional editor and drag-and-drop website builder  enables the user to create robust HTML5 based websites that are easy to integrate with powerful web apps, like social media, web shop, social comments, email marketing tools, live chat, Shopify online store, real-time scheduling, and other eCommerce apps for a complete Web presence. Online web builders offer website a mixture of services with a complete content management system that serves most of small businesses in a right way.

ECommerce websites for small business

No doubt eCommerce websites offer unique designs that can be customized to fit into the user brand and message he wants to deliver, mobile-friendly web designs with responsive designs are also available, and it fits on all desktop and mobile screen. The service also serves the small business owners and provides them with a powerful blogging platform, unique design, and seamless photo sharing, by using image up loader – which is compatible with all image formats. Therefore online web builders also give users free access to their websites anytime and from anywhere. It provides the user a high-quality, informative and professional eCommerce website.

If the user wants to convert his small business website into eCommerce, he may be frightened by the technical complexity involved in designing or updating his site. But fear not: entire web store software packages are provided by online web builders at a very low or no cost. So the user doesn’t have to worry about the designing of  his online store. He just has to choose a design that can easily integrate with his stock or store, and promote it.

Following is the step by step procedure by which user can design his online store:

While starting an online store or designing an eCommerce website for a small business, user has to choose a pre-existing and unique design template, instead of having a design done from scratch.

  • Templates: If the user is not quite sure about the design he like or wants, he can browse the internet and can find web designs included in the web builder.
  • Themes: There are some online store builders offering hundred of themes. Themes are basically templates that comprise not only fundamental design elements but also layout and text styles such as font, format and sizes.
  • Professional design: Once the user has created his store using a theme or templates by web builders, he can move to an expert designer to make his site really special and professional. The user may stick with the basic web design or theme site until he has a solid idea of how the users are going to interact with it and what elements are basically working and what are not. User with some technical knowledge can avoid the interference of the designer.
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