Essential features of E-Store Builder

February 6th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

E-store Builder is really a refreshing marketing tool introduced by an affiliate marketing company. It offers a good opportunity to the people to create and run a functional eCommerce site, eCommerce store, and also allows the users to integrate with the payment process, eCommerce widgets, and many more. This type of  marketing approach includes web shop and can be used without any hassle of shipping and stocking the products.

The idea behind the development of the store is to enable people to own an advertising platform for their stock of products and market the website in order to attract the customers, without any knowledge and experience of writing the codes or web development.

The user does not require any kind of experience in managing and updating the store. This approach, most importantly does not require selling this concept to relatives, friends or rank strangers, basically it focuses on simply inviting them to browse the user’s store and if attracted then they can buy the products automatics.

Following are some of the features of e Store Builder

  • Pre-designed web design store

A user can simply select a web design from a wide range of the available ones, according to his choice and business. The user need not be familiar with CSS or HTML codes. Just click and choose a template, it is also easy to personalize the web design accordingly by adding logo, name, tagline etc.

  • Storing Products

Most of the e store Builders provide all the products and their categories that are to be stored. These products or items need to be selected by the user from a catalogue according to his requirement and those he wants to be displayed on his web page. The user need not to pay any fee or purchase the stock to display the same. The complete inventory is provided by the associate company. He simply has to choose the relevant products from the catalogue.

  • Shipping Items

For shipping and transporting, the users do not need to worry about packing, shipping, and stamping the items selected by the customers based on different locations. All the e-store owners or users need to collect orders from their customers, and contact any reliable and fast logistic carrier or courier company and that take care of shipping directly from the store to the customers. It is very important for the user to consider the terms and condition or other policies of the company that perform shipping of the products.

  • Flexible methods of accepting payment

These days every online store build comes with flexible and secure payment gateway, in order to facilitate more and more ease to its customers. These stores accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express depending on the functionality and size of the store. In these it is absolutely free to set up a payment gateway and it does not require any payment or fee .

  • It is important to comply with new Google guidelines

The store created through online store builders is fully compliant with Google terms and norms and there is no danger of getting penalized by Google.

  • Cost

Most of these stores can be designed by free web builders, but in some cases where the user wants to integrate domain hosting, paid plug-in, eBooks, etc. the costs is reasonable.

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