Features of an eCommerce website builder

January 22nd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

An online presence is very essential for any business in today’s world. Whether the business is new or existing, the website is very important. For a store say a  grocery store or any other store should build up an eCommerce website so that the visitors can select and buy the products according to their requirement.

There are some vital components that must be included in an eCommerce website.

  • Design

Designing an eCommerce website plays a crucial role in attracting the customers and fulfilling the creative desires. The look, flow and functions on the website forms an important part, and also create a great impression on the potential customers. The website builder software should allow the user to make the necessary changes. It must allow its user to make the aesthetic changes in the website without having any kind of technical knowledge.


  • Variations in the products

The website builder software should allow the flexibility when creating the product variations. For example, if the website is selling the shirts online then it should be able to display the variations in the style, color and size. Some website builders do not allow variations unless the user sign up for an expensive plan. This feature should be available to all without any pricing plan.

  • Control over inventory

Selling the products always means that an efficient amount of inventory is always available. There should be an efficient system for the monitoring of the stock levels. The good monitoring system always keeps informed about the restocking of the products. The eCommerce web site builder tool must offer this time saving option of inventory control because doing this manually for a website that offers a huge range of products is quite difficult and needs much more staff and a software can save all this.


  • Option of Payment processing

Once the products are selected by the customer, his next step is to buy the same and it can be done with the help of the payment options. The website should contain the maximum number of options for the credit cards, debit cards and online banking for the ease of the customer. A perfect website builder must provide these options and sometimes the website also offers the option of signing for the merchant account. Paypal is one of the options in which the visitor is not charged with any monthly fee.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is directly linked to the content of the website and this technique is used to make the content of the website more familiar with the search engines so that when any keyword is entered by the user, the search engine can direct the consumer to the website directly. The website builder software should provide this option to its users.

  • Promotional codes and coupons

Marketing is very important for any product or website. The concept of promotional codes and coupons is also a marketing technique to promote the website and the products and service offered. Most of the website building platforms only provide the option of creating the online promotion and coupons on subscribing the more expensive monthly program. One can also find an option that offers this plan to all.

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