Five Must Haves of Website Builders

January 23rd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

There used to be a time when only the elite had mobile phones or cars. Today, both mobile phones and cars have become a necessity of life and nearly everyone has them. Quite a few people have multiple. These days the same can be said to be true of websites. More and more people are getting into creating a site to either represent themselves or their businesses. We have even heard of sites that act as invites to a wedding or a birthday.

As the need for websites increases, the demand for professionals has also increased. To capitalize this demand, several website builders have also been launched in the market, each claiming to be the best. Some claim that they have been in the market for a number of years and other claim that they offer brilliant designs. Many others claim that they are the most popular because their number of registered users exceeds a certain number. So how do you look for a good website builder? Let’s take a look at their five must have features.

  1. One of the first features that you need to look for is diversity in designs. Unless it offers stunning designs that are significantly different from each other, you will not be able to build a site will help you make your own personal statement. Lack of design variety would just make your online presence look as if they are created from a template and similar to thousands of others created using that builder.
  2. Diversity in design needs to be accompanied by the ability to customize the design as per your requirement. This is also a must have feature that allows you to arrange things to suit your style. It also provides you the opportunity to create or represent your own brand.
  3. Ease of use. One of the major reasons people choose a creator is that it helps making sites easy. That is why whichever creator you use should be easy to use and user friendly. Look for a demonstration and determine if it is easy to create pages, hyperlinks, link menu items to pages, and enter text to these pages. Also, check if you can customize the design of individual pages as easily. Unless these tasks are user friendly and intuitive, you will not have the drive or the time to develop your website.
  4. Social media link backs and mobile-friendly pages. Another important feature is the ability of your site to link back to social media. This would help you publish links to any events, announcements, and promotions to your social media sites. Also, the technology used to create web pages should create pages that can be accessed on mobile phones so that people can utilize their extensive travel time viewing your site.
  5. SEO-friendly content. Your website builder should also provide social media friendly content so that it is searchable through a variety of search engines. Without this it would be nearly impossible for people to discover your website on the Internet.
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