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January 28th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

In todays world where everything is available on the internet and all the transactions are done online whether it is personal or business, creating a website whether for the business purpose or personal use is the way to introduce yourself to your customers and the readers. In earlier times, creating a website was a difficult task and requires the presence of the technical experts who have the complete knowledge of coding and designing. But with the advancement of the internet it is possible for the individuals to create their own website without having any kind of technical knowledge.

Now, there is no need to get worried about the coding and HTML any longer because they are much easier to understand with the help of the free website builder. This tool has made the process much easier.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the two common components of the programming language before downloading the free website builders:-

  • HTML: - It means Hyper Text Markup language. It is a computer language that is used commonly to create a website. The web browsers like the Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.. Then converts and translates the code and display it in a way in which it can be understood.
  • Coding: - It is the process of creating the HTML to produce the result that the individual is looking at the web pages. Since coding the language is a difficult task for the less technical person therefore the software like Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft illustrator and frontpage are used by the professionals to create and design a site.

The software programs are quite expensive, so many people do not want to invest on a site builder and always use the option of downloading the free website builder from the internet. Some of the programs are available without downloading anything but these are not much flexible with the design goals. The free tutorials are also available on the internet as well as published by some books and magazines. These tutorials provide a simple way for the beginners for creating their own website by following the simple steps.

Key Features that must be contained by the Website builder

  • No spyware Adware or Malware: – It is software that is downloaded online. It is important to proceed with diligence to avoid these kinds of threats to the computer or laptop.
  • Video Tutorials: – This is the feature that any product must have for the ease of the users. The video tutorials help the users to create the website after seeing the live demo.
  • Step by step User guides: –  The step by step user guide is helpful for the users who do not want to surf the internet. They can go though this guide to use the free website builder and can create their own website by following the steps.
  • HTML knowledge not required: – The free website builder should be such that the user does not require any knowledge of HTML. It must contain the ready to use customization options for the ease of the users.
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