Google to Penalize Non-Responsive Websites

September 4th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

Imagine you have recently shifted to a new city and you feel like having your favorite pizza from your preferred, globally present brand, so how do you look out for its where-about in this new city?


Or, it’s a weekend; you are driving back home and suddenly your friends call and plan for a nice evening together at a restaurant near your place, so how would you make a quick booking to the restaurant?

These are just a few situations, and there would be many more you must be facing in your everyday life where a website can help you in getting your work done in minutes. While desktops are not the only screens available to browse through the websites anymore, there is a growing need of mobile friendly, responsive websites.  In such situation, quite a lot of organizations have built a mobile version of their websites as well, but with new smart gadgets with different size and resolution intruding every day and taking the charge so quickly, Responsive website is a savior and a rescuer from Google SEO punishment.

Responsive websites aim to deliver an ideal viewing experience, which means stress-free reading and navigation with least resizing, panning, and scrolling across the range of screens already present or plan to happen in the global market. The added benefit of responsive designs of a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework aids in faster and easier web development and gives your website a perfect look for all devices and screens. And that’s exactly what and why Google wishes everyone to implement, Responsive websites, or else lose out on your respective website’s search engine ranking.

Smartphone and tablet users are a fast growing, significant segment of internet users, and in absence of a mobile friendly website, the internet user is not able to enjoy the full richness of the internet world. Viewing desktop site on a mobile device wouldn’t just be frustrating but might also fend off the visitor for a lifetime, leaving a bad instance for the internet user. Google, as its regular exercise to eliminate the pain points and improve the internet user experience, plans to roll out several ranking updates addressing specially to the websites which are yet to be configured according to smart devices.

So before it happens, and your search engine ranking gets a setback, go Responsive- websites that makes sense today and more sense tomorrow!

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