How easy is to Create a Free Website with free web builder

January 23rd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Creating a website may sound complicated sometimes because most of the people think that it is all technical and only the technical person with the complete knowledge of the HTML and coding can do this. But in actual it is not like that as there are various options available on the internet that allow the user to create the website on their own and without spending a penny. It is really not essential for a person to be an internet savvy to build the website.

The website can be created by just following the three simple steps. One can easily start the free website and allow the business to have a spot in the competitive world wide web. Most of the people think that creating a website involves a cost, but there are numerous websites available on the internet that allow the user to create a website free of cost.

Follow these three simple steps to create a website for free:-

  • Domain name Registration

The first and the foremost step in creating a free website is to register a domain name related to the business or brand name with the domain hosting websites like domain name should be simple and relevant to the information available in the website. The technique of creating a good domain name is to keep it short simple and attention grabbing.

  • Web Hosting

It is very essential for a business to choose a good web host. An expensive web host does not mean the expensive one, rather it should be the better support provider and reliable. One can also choose the free web hosting services, but there are certain drawbacks with the free web hosting services like one spends much more than he saw. It is always advisable to choose a highly supportive and reliable web host for the websites.

  • Building a website

After selecting the name of the domain and the best web hosting  the last and the final step is to build up the free website. The process of creating or building a website always requires the ability to follow the instructions in the best manner. It can be somewhat difficult for the beginners, but after getting some experience in building the website it becomes easier and one can insert his ideas and creativity. Learning the language of codes  is really not essential as various websites offer website builder tools that helps in creating the website by just clicking.


The free website maker is the browser based editor where the individual can easily get registered with a web page provider and make use of the tolls provided to make their website. Free templates are readily available and one can choose them and customize them according to their requirement. The widgets like the gadgets and photos can also be added according to the requirement of the website. Creating the free website is not a cup of tea for all as many people find themselves restrained by the limitations of the editors. Most of the auditors do not allow the advanced features.

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