How to attract more customers with an online eCommerce store

March 5th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

For the studio working and growth of the business it is important to attract new and more customers. The trend of buying and selling the things online has been increasing and to tap the expanding customer base it has become essential for the eCommerce stores to increase the quantity of the customers. Adding up new customers can increase the business and the profit as well. In the world of internet and online market every merchant is trying to attract new clients and turning them into the permanent customers.

The website builders like webstarttoday also help the eCommerce store builders to create their store online and integrate several features on their website that are available for free or at some minimum cost. They help the website owner to update and maintain the website regularly with no cost or at a very nominal charge.

It is important to follow these tips to attract more customers to an online store

  • Email marketing

In todays world email marketing is a powerful tool that helps the website owner to attract more and more potential customers. With the help of email marketing the website owner can encourage the existing customers as well as attract the new customers to use their services and buy the new products.

  • Gift coupons and Wish list

Most of the online stores have the option of the wish list or the favorites list. One can add the product in the wish list and also share it with the friends and family. This makes the website famous among the people. The web builders also provide this option of creating a wish list button on the website for the ease of the customers. Introducing the gift coupons, for example: Getting Rs 500 gift coupon on making a purchase of Rs.10000 from the online store can also attract new customers.

  • Promotion on the social networking websites

The social networking website is becoming popular nowadays with a lot of people attached to it. Also the  web builders offer its clients the freebies and widgets that helps the website to integrate with the social networking sites.

  • Pay per click advertising

A goal oriented advertising campaign can be introduced to attract more and more customers to the online store. The pay per click advertising means that whenever the visitor searches something on the internet then an advertisement page appears and if the visitors clicks on the particular advertisement, then the website owner gets the commission according to the number of clicks. Displaying attractive offers on the advertisement page can attract the potential client to the online store and that makes the campaign successful.

  • Enlisting the products on the other sites

Making the product display limited to only one online store can reduce the customer for the product. The online stores also provide an option for other stores to display their products on their website and when the potential customers click on the products the website is automatically redirected to the original website from where the visitor can purchase the product.

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