How to build a Photography website

June 19th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Photographers Website Builder is a collection of tools which gives on the ability to construct a website relating to photography without the need of manually editing the code. Basically, website builders are ideal for photographers and other small businesses and startups.

Must have Features of a Photography Website

The modern form of the internet has been made for the photographers. You will not see a single page, which won’t be adorned with beautiful, eye-catching, visually appealing and illustrative photographs and pictures. There are many problems to be encountered with, considering a Photography Website; if you base it all on looks. There are countless other considerations that must be brought to focus.

1. Search – A search bar is added to ensure that the customer or visitor gets fluid experience with easy navigation. As we continue to add more photographs to our website, the more search becomes a necessity to find and navigate content through the page.

2. Responsive Web Design – A typical website design doesn’t look great on a phone. When a person is using a big screen device, then he has greater screen real estate as compared to other smaller screened devices. When a website shows that reflowing images, scaling images and device awareness, then a website is said to be responsive.

3. Offering Private Galleries for Sale – These aren’t the days when a person uses a website only as his portfolio. Now, you can sell through your website and earn money by turning visitors into customers. For that, you will need a website that can sell images.

4. Social Media Integration – Social Media Integration is the most important factor in terms of a photography website. What is beneficial for other sites definitely aids your own website. This integration helps heavy social network users in turning your normal innovative photographs into viral photographs all over the internet.

5. High Resolution Downloads – Maintenance of a brand through the provision of high Quality photos regularly is quite hard, but it is a hallmark of good marketing. A Photography website should offer many different sizes of the photos so that the users can download or buy them at their own ease of use. Some users require small, compact files while other users require large heavy files.

6. SEO – If your website isn’t found through the search engines, then, probably, you cease to exist. The majority will not be able to reach you. That is why, websites should be Search Engine Optimized so that their improvement on these engines improves, and as a result, visibility increases so more visitors are gained. In fact, SEO requires many factors to tune, so that the website is optimized and search engines are able to find you.

Ease of Use

It is the photographer’s duty to provide a hassle-free experience to the user, which actually turns the user or visitor into permanent customers. If they are given a good user experience, and a friendly interface, then they are bound to return. You must understand the technical information about the website before it has been built. The most changes should be self-sufficient.

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