How to build a Website for free

June 10th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

A Website and its Need

The World Wide Web of today is urging majority of businesses to look for advanced techniques to market their business. Creating a website for a business has become a necessity today in order to survive in the competitive world of today. There are innumerable types of websites out there serving in the fulfillment of different purposes, like Blogging, Archive, community site, dating sites, corporate, gallery, gaming, and news websites, etc. If a certain individual, business or a group specializes in some skill, and wants to share their skills with the world in the most modern and optimized way out there, then this can be achieved through acquiring one’s own website. Websites can be built for free as well as you can pay to get extra services. The limitations of a free website are mainly its lesser storage space and less reliability. Further, a free web domain is only capable of producing one or two web pages.

Analyzing your Business Requirements:

The first logical step in building a website is the proper analysis of your business, services and skills in which an individual or a business might succeed and stand out among its competitors. Ask yourself that what type of website do you want to have? And based on your analysis, you can take the initiative of building the website. This step is quite necessary as the whole process. It is the first step which is always the hardest.

Building a website for a Free Website

Free websites are quick to develop as built-in templates are used to design a website. Following are some key elements in order to build a free website:

  • Deciding a Domain Name – This is an important process in the sense that a domain name of a website is like the website’s home page address. One should observe patience on this step since the name will be the representation of the brand.
  • Selection of Web Host – Make sure that this selection is performed carefully. A web host is basically a company which houses your website. The services at the start are free, but a person needs to upgrade very soon enough, which can cost a bit. Not all hosts specialize in all types of websites. For example, if you want to start a business, then you should opt for a host which supports online stores.
  • Designing of Website – The next step in the list is designing your website, i.e. putting something on the website for the users. Web design is the maintenance of websites, which involves skills in the production of a website. If you want to hire a designer for you, then, that it also fine, but if your budget is low and want to take matters in own hand, then this step should be performed with utmost care since it is the interaction with the users. Website designing involves graphics, authoring, user experience, interface and SEO. There are many basic editors out there for the beginners in this field.
  • Getting your Website Some Exposure – The next step is to ensure that your website gets noticed. Submit the website to search engines. Other logical steps to be performed are advertisement of your website, word of mouth, newspaper ads, etc. Make sure that the website is Search Engine Optimized so ends up on the higher scale of visibility.
  • Compatibility with Browsers – This should be done along the way of building the website from step one to last step. It should be done to ensure a hurdle free experience for the users and customers.
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