How to Build High Quality,Responsive website with Zero Cost

January 29th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Mobile and handheld devices including Smartphones, cellular phones, notebooks, and tablets are becoming increasingly popular day by day for web browsing. Initially websites, were designed for PC displays and were accessible using different browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and were unreadable on mobile devices. But now, mobile web access is not only possible, although easy and compatible with sites that use responsive web designs.

Responsive web designs are in high demand these days, as these designs have scalable images and are available with very adjustable layouts that can become accustomed to any type of mobile device. Companies can expand their businesses and allow their responsive websites for targeted traffic all the time.

In order to have a professional and responsive website design, one can make use of the following tools that make the whole task a lot easier and more valuable:

  • Adobe Device Central CS5.5:  This software helps in simplifying the production of engaging and innovative content for smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Adobe Device Central CS5.5 also allows the website designer to preview, plan and deliver them to anyone on mobile devices. It also explores test engaging experiences and some of the exclusive features of this tool also include device input emulation, HTML5 support and online profiles library of device.
  • Golden Grid System: The web designer must be very aware of this valuable tool, before he starts working with it. It splits the screen into 18 even columns, and allows the designer to set the columns at extreme ends. The rest 16 columns can be folded in 8 columns and into 4-columns for tablet and mobile-size. Elastic gutters, baseline grid, Golden Griddle and zoomable are other significant features of a golden grid system.
  • Fit Text:  Fit Text is a JQuery plugin for inflating fluid and web type or responsive layout, in order to achieve scalable headlines. This tool assists in making the font-size flexible, and also fills the width of a parent element. Fit Text is useful in making display adaptable on different screen sizes.
  • Gridless: Gridless is known as a handy option and is a hassle-free responsive website design tool. It is open-source and easy to use on all modern browsers and operating systems. As an optionated CSS3 and HTML5 boilerplate, Gridless facilitates responsive and cross-browser websites with stunning typography.
  • Skeleton: Skeleton is a boilerplate for mobile-friendly and responsive website development. As it includes a small collection of JS files and CSS, it helps developers to create precise and professional web design for 17″ inch screens or iPhones.

In modern times a website owner will not be able to give prospective visitors with other URLs for accessing the same web using different devices, without a responsive website design. This could be little inconveniencing, time-consuming and frustrating for many users who want easy and quick access to online information. It is therefore important that the user create his website with a responsive design and  the designing process includes fluid grids, flexible layouts, coding, media queries etc.

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