How to choose a Website maker

January 28th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Choosing a suitable and best website maker is a difficult task, as there are many website builders available in the market in the form of softwares and also online for free. It is difficult to select the best version of the software available in the market. Some softwares are available free of cost on the internet whereas some are not and also people make use of a dozen of site builders over the internet.

Things to consider while choosing a website maker:-

  • The first and the foremost point is to check the features that are available in the package provided by the website maker. Some offer  the ready to use templates with stock images and the creativity of the user but these are not feasible for the beginners who needs a point and click solution.
  • Complex packages are also offered by some of the website makers that are more detailed for the users and include everything to create a website from the scratch. These packages are best for the beginners.
  • The software packages are much costlier than the ready to use free applications available over the internet.

The best website maker is the one that offers:-

  • Flexibility in the most basic software packages.
  • Cost effective and easy to use application or software.
  • Ease of point and click interface.


Before selecting any web site maker it is to be kept in mind that both have some advantages and disadvantages. Normally the website builders that are based on the software packages use FTP(file transfer protocol) to load the site onto the internet. So,if anyone selects this type for creating a website then a web host is required to support the web host transfers. It is important to choose the host and the website maker that are compatible to each other and go hand in hand. On the other hand, if the internet based website maker is selected then it must be tied to a web host already and the user has not to worry for going live after the website is complete.


The website maker is effective only if it adds the value to the site created. The diversity of the templates has been always valuable as no one desires to have a website that is similar to other ten websites. It is also important to ensure that the different templates match the vision. The customization feature should allow the user to format the text, alter fonts, change the images and also change the text color.

Paid features

It is very essential for the user to look for the paid features and the cost associated with them after selecting the free features. After analysing the cost aspect the user should decide whether he will be able to afford the cost in the future or not and then take a decision.

Last but not the least, One should select the website maker that works best for the needs of the user. The beginner selects the most simple website maker with more options of customization whereas the experienced one will select the most simplistic site creator.

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