How to create a free business website with good looks and best results

January 22nd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

With the rapidly increasing use of internet, it has become simple to create free business websites. The process is getting easier day by day and with the help of the free website builders but most of these website builders offer cheap design templates for business websites. The business owner whether he is starting a new business or having a well established business needs a website that is affordable.

Following are the options for the business man:-

  1. Getting a free website from the website builders available on the internet: – This seems to be a cost effective and a good idea but it may not work in the long run because of these problems
  • Most of the websites created  look cheap and unprofessional. It reduces the confidence of the potential customers about your quality.
  • These do not provide the option for the search engine optimization, which is nowadays an essential part of any website to be found online and with top ranking.
  • It does not provide a lot of flexibility while making changes in the design or layout.
  • The option for the functionalities like online payments, blog, galleries and online forms is normally not provided by the free website builders.
  1. Hiring a web designer: – It is another option that is held by the businessman for creating a website. It is a good idea and one can get his website completed with his own ideas and creativity. In this case it is very important to hire a web designer who understands the importance of the SEO and have the good knowledge of interface design and internet marketing because he is the one who can make the website stand out.

This method is also having some of the disadvantages:-

  • One of the main disadvantages of this process is, the web designer can be expensive.
  • The business man is never sure about the experience and the level of expertise and may not end up with what he wants.
  • The business owner cannot edit the website without taking the help of the web designer and it becomes more costly. It is important to make it clear in the beginning about taking the rights of editing the website from the web designer.
  1. Creating the website with the online content management system that accommodates any web design: -  It is a web content management system which can be freely used by any person and it is also compatible with almost all the web designs. If someone has the low budget then he can opt for the free business website templates and one can also go to the CMS with higher budgets. Some of the benefits of this method are:-
  • One can create a website even with the low budget and a three page website for free.
  • Even the free designs provided are of high quality and one can easily customize them.
  • It is easy to edit the website independently without taking the help of any web designer.
  • The CMS is totally customizable and can be used with any design.
  • It is search engine friendly.
  • No need of maintenance fee as the software stays up to date.
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