How to Create a Free Online Store

How to Create a Free Online Store

June 20th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Online Stores are a great utility for all the budding well as established businessmen and women, who wish to make a mark in this enormous, ever exploding internet market. An online store helps you to create a great presence as well as sell online. There are many website builders to choose from, and one should opt for the one which has the best reviews and most functionality likes Web Start Today – an online store builder which helps you build a fully functional, professional looking eCommerce.

Requirements of a Good Online Store Builder

These are the points to look for in an Online Store Builder

  • The Online Store Builder you choose should be functional and professional. It should allow the maximum flexibility if you are willing to pay for it.
  • It should provide free service for a small business
  • It should allow the customer to get into advanced mode once the business starts and flourishes. Of course, this comes with a cost, but it is also necessary to run a big business.
  • The websites it creates should be Search Engine Optimized to give you the maximum leverage by providing you the visibility your business requires and deserves.
  • It should offer a large variety of free usable templates, and advanced paid templates for those who are willing to pay for them
  •  It should allow installation of further adds-on and apps which act as enhancers of user experience
  • Visually appealing themes and designs which will attract customers
  • Professional looking Online Stores to turn your visitors into customers and consumers
  •  It should provide unparalleled customer service if you ever face any problems or hurdles
  • It should aid its users by providing advertisement of the websites through social media


You should also make sure that the Online Store Builder is trustworthy. One wrong move and you would have to deal with a lot of gimmicks which could certainly be avoided. If you intend to run a large business, then it is definitely better to create your own website using a website designer. This requires you to have knowledge in the language of coding, for which, not many are applicable. One would also have to pay for the designer and the graphics designer, but it pays up in the end. On the other hand, once your business flourishes and the Online Store Builder allows virtually no improvements then you could be stuck. Choose an Online Store Builder, which allows you the maximum flexibility you require.

Advantages of Online Store

One should consider beforehand whether the advantages of an Online Store will outweigh the disadvantages before choosing to pay cash for an idea which may never work for the business. The following are the general advantages of an Online Store.

  • Exposure to a global market
  • No rent
  • Void of physical interaction with the customers
  • Physical limitations don’t affect it, no getting in the car, no standing in lines and searching huge shelves for your desired product, etc.
  • People can shop their necessities while staying in the comfort of their homes

Disadvantages of Online Store

  • Problems in shipping products off seas
  • Shipping costs can be very high sometimes
  • Can be deceiving sometimes. The customer doesn’t get what he expected
  • Returning a bought item can be hard if the online store doesn’t have a local store in the area
  • Miscommunications could occur during shipping which could delay product reaching the customer
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