How to create a free website and generate profit

January 23rd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

As the use of the internet is rapidly increasing, it has become easy to create free websites online. The process is getting easier with the advancement in the knowledge and technology. With the help of these free website builders one can create the free websites  and generate profits. The business owner, whether he is starting a new business or having a well established business always  needs a website to expand his business.

Creating the website is a simple task, but one has to take care of the following things:-

  • Appropriate Domain name

Selecting an appropriate domain name is very essential for any website. It is the one of the important steps in creating a free website. One has to get his domain name registered with any domain hosting websites. An appropriate domain name refers to the point that it should be simple and relevant to the information available on the website. The perfect domain name is the name that  reflects the brand name or the type of the business. Using the brand name in the domain helps in locating the business on the search engine. A good domain name is always simple, short and attention grabbing.

  • Choosing the best company for web hosting

Web hosting is an essential step in creating a website and choosing the best company is of great importance. Following points to be taken care of while selecting the web host company:-

  1. Price factor
  2. Area of specialty and focus of web hosting company
  3. Technical specifications of the website
  4. The customer support from the web hosting company
  5. Add- Ons and features provided
  6. Hardware or machines used by the company
  7. Customer review and the reputation of the web hosting company
  • The designing and the placement on the website

Designing is of utmost importance while creating the website. The website should look attractive, interesting and easy to use. The placement of the links and other details should be easy to access so that the visitor does not get confused. The color scheme should be good so that the user can easily read the content on the website and it should also match with the theme of the website and logo also. The creativity can be added that enhances the look of the website.

If the user is creating the website for the first time it is possible that he has to make some efforts to create the website, but after using it once it becomes easier. For creating the website it is not essential to have the knowledge of the programming language or coding. Various website builder tools are available online that can help the user to create the website within minutes by following the simple and easy steps. Some websites also offer the drag and drop facility to its users to make the process easier. This facility is available to all sometimes free of cost and sometimes at a very low price.

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