How to create a Mobile website with Free Web Builder

January 29th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

As the popularity of the Tablets and smart phones is increasing, the people are more interested in surfing the internet on their mobile devices instead of using the computer system. Most of the people are now creating a website for their business that are accessible on the mobile also. The mobile website is similar to the normal website in terms of the images, text, videos, etc., the only difference is the display on the handheld devices.

The mobile website is very easy to create with the help of the website builder, but one may face the following challenges:

  • Small Screen size:  The mobile devices have created a challenge for the website builders to create a website that can be seen on the small screen size. For this, the one who is designing the website has to create different layouts so that they can be easily viewed on the laptop or mobile screens and the user has not to scroll too long.
  • Different browsers and various devices: The website has to be a browser  and mobile device compatible. There are so many browsers and a huge number of mobile devices  and testing each and every device is an impossible task that can be made easy with the help of the website builders.
  • The speed and type of internet connection: The people are using the internet on their Smartphones or tablets and it has been reported in a survey that the major issue with these devices is the slowness of the mobile website. The reason can be a slow internet connection or the networking issue, but sometimes it can be the fault of the design or coding of the website. The website builder designs a mobile  website as completed tailored finished website to give the users, the complete experience they want on their device.
  • User friendly: – To make a mobile website user friendly is a big challenge for the website builders and has been successful in many terms. The website must be easy to use otherwise the user leaves the website without doing much effort in searching and opening it. One should keep in mind the following things while designing the mobile compatible website with the help of the website builder:
    • It is important to avoid the overstating of the mouse as it does not work with most of the mobile devices.
    • The website should not contain the floated elements as  this can cause a problem in mobile layouts.
    • It is advisable to use the vertical scrolling over the horizontal scrolling as the horizontal real estate is expensive on the mobile devices.
    • The area covered by the click button on the website or the link should be increased as it is very precise on the mobile devices.
    • It is important to keep the font size big enough to make it readable for the mobile users.
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