How to Create a Website in 5 Minutes with Free Web Builder

November 14th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

In the fast paced world, when things are moving at a fast speed, do you really have time to negotiate with website designing companies for months? Things can be far easier with a free web builder at your side. That’s true! It’s possible to create your professional website using a free web builder tool available at Wondering when there are hundreds of web building tools available why to go for this tool? Well, the tool allows you to create your site with lesser efforts while consuming least possible time. It has an extensive set of features that are needed to build a professional website such as biggest library of html5 designs, industry specific designs and templates, stellar customer support, SEO content, personal domain and so on. The steps are easy and just require 5 minutes of your time to get your website launched.

1. Get yourself registered

The first step to start creating a free website is to get you registered with a free web builder. Just click on the sign up option and provide as much information as possible. The process of singing up might need your E-mail address else you can also sing up using your Facebook or Google login IDs. This will help you not only in saving your time but it will also ease up your task. The task should ideally not take more than half a minute of your precious time.

2. Choose a meaningful template

After having signed in, the next step is to choose from the wide range of designs available in the free website builder tool, which shouldn’t take more than a minute. You should choose a design that will support the core theme of your business and its target audience. Suppose, you intend to supply sportswear to the young sports persons then you should select a template that demonstrates a young sports person in action, this is how you can attract your target visitors to your site.

3. Quick Customization

The next task is to customize your website with added features and components that will give a professional look to your website. There is wide variety of available components that might be added to your website using ‘drag and drop’ tool. Contemplating over the visitor’s profile, you should be ready with the list of things that your visitors would want to look in your site. Do remember to give information about your business and your contact details. So far, a complete layout plan of your prospective website is ready in less than three minutes.

4. Add Content

Many free website builder tools are also providing readily available content for quicker website creation. There is a huge bank of pre-designed industry specific content available for you. Just choose the most suitable content and make few changes here and there. Just quickly add web pages, insert pictures and videos, and see your website ready to be launched.

5. Final Testing

Your website is ready for the launch now, but it is advisable to test it for any mistakes, broken links or navigation problems. Just take a big leap and press the launch button to get your free website published in matter of only five minutes. Wasn’t that quick and simple?

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