How to create an online shop in few simple steps

February 24th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Creating an online shop for the first time can be a bit confusing for a person, but online website builders have made this task quite easy and simple. There are many choices that are available to an individual for selecting the products and services for his online shop. Before creating an online shop it is essential to set up the range of the products and services being offered to the customers in that particular online shop. Setting of goals and the amount of investment to be done should also be decided in advance. A marketing plan should also be prepared as it has to be implemented just after creating and publishing eCommerce website.

Following are the steps to follow for creating an online shop

  • Registering for the domain name

First of all it is important to get a domain name that is short and simple and represent the products and services being offered on the online shop. If the domain name that the business owner requires is not available, then they can look for the other keywords that match with his nature of business. Various web builders are offering the domain services for free or at a very low cost.

  • Building the website or web shop

For creating an online shop one has to build an eCommerce website that has the option of displaying the products and services and also the visitors on the website can buy the products from there. It must contain the shopping cart with the payment gateway that is secure. As the website owner can create the website on his own with the help of online web builders, he can update the website with different offers and discounts from time to time and also add or delete the products and services from his web shop.

  • Selecting the web hosting services

It is important to select a web host that provides a good bandwidth and enough disk space The option of Updating the hosting plan should be available, as many of the online builders is providing this option to its users. Upgradation of the hosting plan is required when the website owner adds more products and services to his online shop.

  • Adding and deleting the products and services

After creating the web design, the website owner must use the option of adding new products to his shop to attract more and more customers to his website and also delete the products that are out of fashion or not in trend. Using the help of online web builders one can also upload the product images, videos etc on his online shop.

  • Testing the online shop

After creating the online shop, it is important to check its functionality.Checking the complete process which the customer has to pass for purchasing the particular product and service and making the payment is essential,so that he may not face any kind of error or delay in the processing. Online shop should be fast and user friendly.

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